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Aug 4, 2006 04:46 PM

Late Lunch, Saturday between National Aquarium and Oriole Park


I'm taking a daytrip to the fine city of Baltimore tomorrow and would love a couple lunch suggestions, please.

I plan on parking all day at the Aquarium then walking to the ballpark (4:30pm gametime) and would love to sneak a good lunch on the way. I am open to cuisine/prices, but we will be dressed quite casually.

Ideas? Great seafood suggestions a plus.


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  1. Try either way, north a few blocks(9ish from Oriole Park) to Lexington Market(Faidley's if you want a crabcake), or south a few blocks(10ish from Harborplace)to Cross Street market..

    1. See previous posts on Inner Harbor dining, but Paolo's is halfway between the two, and both the scallops and the salmon are excellent.

      1. you should go to Cross Street Market- in Federal Hill (if you walk around the harbor from Aquarium, it's kinda behind the Science Center side). Good food selection & it will probably have a good game crowd. If you don't want the market thing, there are a bunch of restaurants- better than Inner Harbor. All you'll get at the Inner Harbor is chains.

        1. You could hop on the water taxi at the aquarium and motor over to Fells Point or Canton or the Rusty Scupper:

          Maybe I am just getting old, but walking to either Lexington or Cross Street markets seems like quite a hike.

          1. The Wharf Rat on Pratt right near Camden Yards. Bar but with pretty good bar food.