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Aug 4, 2006 04:37 PM

Where to host a grad party in Minneapolis?

Hi all,

This is an interesting request I pose. We have a dear friend living in Brooklyn, NY, and graduating from culinary school in November. A significant amount of his friends live in the Midwest so he thought he'd bring the party to Minneapolis and celebrate his graduation here!

Now for the question - where to host the party? Here are his parameters:

1) $1,000 budget (to include reserving a restaurant/pub space, some appetizers and some beer/wine. He doesn't plan on providing food/drink for everyone all night. Probably just a few hours, depending on what we find).

2) Ample space for 40-50-ish people ("ample" meaning we won't all necessarily be sitting and eating. More like up and about mingling and socializing).

3) No chains, preferably something with a bit of local flare.

4) Alcohol. Food, yes, but especially alcohol. We're drinkers. I shan't be bashful about this requirement.

Ideas I have so far:
Stella's Seafood Cafe
Town Hall Brewery

Quite a wide variety of ideas, I know, but I'm keeping all my options open!

Recommend away, Chowhounders!


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  1. Of that list, Solera is the best bet (although I'm not sure how it would land budgetwise). The tapas are excellent, as are their drinks. If there's a better way to spend a Minneapolis evening than drinking sangria on their roof, I don't know what it is. For a culinary school graduation event, you're going to want quality food, and Solera delivers that.

    Nye's would be the place to have the "afterparty." You're not going to get a space for yourselves there, and if you did have a private space, you'd miss out on all the fun of the piano bar and the Polka band.

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    1. re: Danny

      Actually, Nye's has a private function space (suitable for a group of that size) in the basement.

      I think the budget limit is the biggest problem.

    2. I agree that the roof at Solera would be awesome but the graduation is in November. The day before Thanksgiving, to be specific. So I'm not sure if outdoor partying would be an option. But maybe one of their other rooms would be?

      1. I would vote Azia - They have a lounge are can reasonable & they have GREAT drinks..... for a lot of people, its fun....

        Solera is excellent - but more cash..... for that amt of people.

        Have fun!

        1. We went to Jax for my brother's graudation and it was perfect, especially since we're from wisconsin, it was very supper club, and they print matchbooks that say "congratulations (enter name here)!" They have a ton of space too, to my understanding.