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Aug 4, 2006 04:30 PM

Thin Mints Question

I've been waiting until I got my hands on some peppermint oil to try this recipe that was the subject of a number of threads a few months back.

I finally got the oil. But now need to ask those of you who tried it, did you use whole wheat pastry flour as called for or did you substitute something else? I have a/p flour (both bleached and unbleached), white cake flour, and white pastry flour on hand and would prefer not to have to buy yet another kind.

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  1. I used whole wheat pastry flour to kid myself into thinking the thin mints were semi-healthy, but I've had at least two friends try it with a/p and said it worked fine.

    1. I used the ww pastry flour and thought it added a nice texture and nuttiness to the cookies. I wouldn't use all white pastry flour just because the cookies were super delicate, and I'm guessing would be more so with a more refined flour.

      1. Hi JoanN,

        I wrote that Thin Mint recipe....the other kind of flour I've been meaning to try with it is the white whole wheat flour. I've also been tweaking the recipe a bit for inclusion in the book I'm working on and I'm going to tell people to slice them a teensy bit thicker so they aren't as delicate. A little too thin and you can get breakage when you dunk in the chocolate.

        Best, Heidi

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          Oh, but it's soooo good when you can get it really thin! At least include that as a sidenote for those who are willing to up the level of difficulty for the sake of tastiness.

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            I’ll be very eager to hear the results of your tweaking, Heidi. You’ve obviously worked hard to develop this and seem to be on the verge of a truly outstanding recipe. I think I’ve just been butting my head against the wall. I realize your self-assigned task was to make an all-natural cookie, and I appreciate that. But I already have so many specialized flours in my minuscule Manhattan pantry, I’m loath to add another.

            I tried the recipe as written, but with cake flour. Big mistake. I refrigerated the dough overnight and when I went to roll it out this morning, disaster. By the time the dough was rolled thin enough, it was too soft to lift the stamped out rounds onto the baking sheet. I dumped the dough and tried another recipe specifically for a rolled/sliced cookie. I just took those out of the oven, but they’re not right either. First, I don’t like the shape. They’re flat on one side where the log rested on the freezer shelf. And I suspect they’re not sufficiently crisp. (Are your cookies crisp once they’ve cooled or are they still a bit soft?) I’ll enrobe them anyway and see how I like the texture and flavor, but have decided that using a cookie cutter (or, in my case, a champagne flute—only thing I could find that was 11⁄2 inches) is definitely the way to go.

            Please, please keep us posted on the further evolution of the thin mint. I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

            1. re: JoanN

              I haven't made this specific recipe, but I've baked a bunch of things using whole wheat pastry flour, and all purpose flour (unbleached preferably, but either way) is the most interchangeable, versus white cake or pastry flour. So I'd definitely try this recipe with AP.

          2. ok, will do. I think a key to getting the right appearance and thickness is rolling the dough out (a pain I know) but it just isn't the same when you slice off a roll. I also love the scalloped edges I get from using my biscuit cutter. If you look at the thickness in the picture on the website you can get a sense of the thickness I tried to achieve....these get nice and firm when they cool and I think I only lost one or two in the dipping process. Roll them much thinner and you will get more breakage. -h