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Aug 4, 2006 04:01 PM

Honeymooning in Newport, RI - Aug 27th

We are staying at the Castle Hill Inn and already have a reservation there for one night. Can people recommend other places to have meals, drinks? I have heard Flo's Clam Shack also. Want to buy wine to bring back as well. Thank you! We are from NYC, if that helps anyone decide what to recommend.

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  1. I moved away years ago, but it looks like the <a href=" Desk</a> is still good. <a href=" White Horse Tavern</a> is the first tavern in the US (jacket and tie required). Avoid Brick Alley Pub unless you're searching for mediocrity.

    1. Many good options. Castle Hill Inn is the best, be there for sunset.
      West Deck, Scales and Shells, The Mooring, 22 Bowen in the Thames St area are good/great.
      Flo's Clam shack has the best fried seafood. Very "down and dirty". Just off First (Easton's) Beach.
      The wine shop on Bellevue is the best.

      1. Thank you. I don't mind blending the fancy-pants places with the places like Flo's. Can't wait!

        1. Newport Vineyards has a nice place for wine tasting. The wines aren't half bad. I really liked the cabernet franc that they had.

          1. You might find some useful info in this thread. Incidentally, I am among those who doesn't like Flo's....I would hate to have you eat bad food on your honeymoon.