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Aug 4, 2006 03:57 PM

Best Chinese in Farmington Hills, MI

You guys have been such a big help on other cuisine's, I'm going to ask you about Chinese. Need rec. on the best Chinese restaurants in Farmington Hills, Mich. Surrounding areas are good too. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can't really recommend any good Chinese in Farmington Hills, where I've lived for almost 4 years now. The best that I've found in the area is Jasmine's in Northville. They have several very good Hunan and Szechuan dishes, but be aware that if you like it spicy you'll have to ask for more chili paste on the side. It took me going there about 5 or 6 times until they realized that I wouldn't be returning my food because it was too spicy, so they could cook the peppers in with the food. Overall the menu is consistent, with good variety, including a few meatless dishes. I don't recall anyone I've dined with there ever leaving disappointed. My personal favorite: The Hunan Chicken.

    Hong Hua was also very good when they first opened in the old Bill Knapps spot on Orchard Lake just north of 12 Mile, but on recent visits I have been unimpressed. The lunch portions are tiny, which I don't mind if the food is sublime. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case on my last couple of visits.

    146 Mary Alexander Ct
    Northville, MI 48167-1628
    (248) 465-9393

    1. Try Gourmet Garden at 12 Mile and Middlebelt. The stuffed eggplant is a favorite of mine. They also have all you can eat sushi sometimes for under $20. I have not tried that.

      1. Try Shangri-La which is just north of Farmington Hills in West Bloomfield. It's on the north-east corner of Orchard Lake and Fifteen Mile (Maple) Road.

        They have an extensive menu and have excellent dim sum. Some Chinese friends have said that many dishes are just as good as anything you'd find in Hong Kong. They're open until 2 am most nights, and the wait-staff can speak Mandarin, FuZhouHua, FuJianHua, and Cantonese.

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          Second on Shangri-La. The dim sum is probably the best in the area (Golden Harvest in Warren and Wah Court in Windsor are also good for dim sum).

        2. I really like Hong Hua on Orchard Lake and 12 mile. It's a little upscale (read: $$$) but the Saturday/Sunday lunch wonton soup with noodles are the best. I actually prefer the shrimp dumplings (shuei gao) but my mom (from Hong Kong) thinks the wonton are better. My dad likes the beef brisket noodles but the beef is mixed with tendon and most Americans are a little squeamish.

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            Yes, Hong Hua is very good, pricier than your typical Chinese restaurant, but then you get some ambience for your $. We went there a few months ago and had a very fine meal.
            We go frequently for dim sum to Wah Court in Windsor (on University) and Great Lakes Seafood in A2. Both are excellent if you want to venture a bit further out of Farmington Hills.
            Never been to Shangri La, but I trust david de berkeley's recommendations. Gotta try it.

          2. When Chinese in Ann Arbor go out to eat, they usually go to Great Lake Chinese Seafood (not Great Lakes), on Carpenter north of Packard. You can read more about it at this link:


            Not a bad drive from Farmington Hills--from U.S. 23 southbound, take the Washtenaw exit and go east. Immediately turn right on Carpenter; the restaurant will be on the right before you get to the next light.