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Aug 4, 2006 03:31 PM

my old convection oven is on its last legs

I have an old (20 years+) Moulinex convection oven, that is the size of a full size microwave. I love it as I do not have to use the stove oven all the time and have an extra oven when needed. It is large enough for even a small turkey. I cannot find anything like it in the appliance departments now. I know there are some microwave/convection oven combos, but I am skeptical. Does anyone know anything about these combos, or better yet a product similar to the one I have. I paid about $150 for it, but I do not expect miracles.

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  1. My Sharp Carousel II has given good service for 20 years. It can be set for all microwave, all convection, or various mixtures. I did burn out a turntable motor several years ago. I ordered a new motor and put it in myself. No other problems. There is an updated model currently available.


    1. Hey,

      You can find a great Farberware Turbo oven model 460 on ebay, now and usually. I've had mine for years and it's quite splendid. And? They're right in your price range.


      1. I know this isn't helping your problem but...I am renting an apt that has an old Moulinex convection oven. Unfortunately there is no user manual and as I have never used a convection oven, I have no idea how to use it. All temperatures(at least those not worn off)are in centigrade or celsius. There is no other oven in my place.

        Can you give me some basic instructions so that I can cook?
        I'm supposed to cook a pie crust for Thanksgiving!!!

        many thanks

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          I basicly just doubled the celcius for the farenheit and that seemed to work. Select a temperature and turn on the timer and that's it. You do not have to preheat and the manual recommends glass cooking vessels, but I did not follow that necessarily.

        2. madsea, I lived in Japan for many years. The last eight or so I had a convection oven which I LOVED! It saves time and costs less to operate. Here are oven temperatures:
          Very Slow 250-300 121-149
          Slow 325 163
          Moderate 350-375 177-191
          Moderately Hot 400 204
          Hot 425-450 218-232
          Very Hot 475-500 246-260
          It cooks much faster so you'll to watch the time.
          Wish I could find one here that was as good as mine in Japan!
          Sorry - I see it didn't keep the formatting. Hope you understand which is farenheit and which is centigrade!!