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Aug 4, 2006 03:23 PM

Please help: Unionville/Markham romantic?

Hi folks.
In a pinch here, so glad if you can help. My wife and I are having our fifth anniversary tonight, and I'd like to take her somewhere romantic and with good food/wine, somewhere in Markham or Unionville. We were up in cottage country and had a reservation at domain of killien, but twisters tore up all the power lines, so we came back and are staying in markham with the babysitters, er, inlaws. Any suggestions for a nice place (perhaps along one of the main streets)?

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  1. It's been a while since I've gone, but on historic Main St. in Unionville there's a good (although I wouldn't call it outstanding) Italian place called Il Postino. The room's pretty pleasant and I recall having a pretty good thick cut grilled pork chop there. Prices are sort of high, but I guess that's par for a more touristy part of town.

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      Hi Blue.
      We ended up going to Il Postino, after having checked out a bunch of other places on Main St. You described it to a T. Good, but not spectacular. Nice room, and the service was excellent. I had the beef tenderloin, and my wife had the rack of lamb. They didn't have a cheese plate on the menu, but made one up when we asked, and they comped us limoncello at the end (did someone put that on the blackboard in italian restaurant school, by the way?). The biscotti for dessert were excellent. Winelist was much more interesting than expected. We had some barolo i can't remember the name of which was delicious.
      tab (with tax without tip) was 274, but could gotten out for a lot less if we'd had something less than the barolo (95).

    2. If you're willing to travel a little further west, I'd suggest Terra on Yonge St, I think it's south of Hwy7.