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Aug 4, 2006 02:35 PM

Help Dinner tonight...Which Steakhouse?? BLT Steak or Strip House

I have been going through every post on this board and I still can't come to a decision and need your help!!

I have a 30th B-day Dinner Celebration tonight for my boyfriend and our choices are either BLT Steak or Strip House. I have been to BLT Steak and absolutely LOVED the sides and though the steak was great...especially loved the popovers! Haven't ever tried Strip House which is why I have hesitation going there...but have heard it is the best steak in the city. But not sure about the atmosphere to celebrate a birthday...

So I need your help! Strip House or BLT Steak?

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  1. I haven't ever been to BLT Steak but I have been to Strip House and loved it. The atmosphere is almost bordello-like; red lighting and nude silhouettes on the walls. The food was delicious from the steak to my favorite, the goose fat potatoes.

    1. No question, the Strip House. It is a little more intimate than BLT Steak and the food and service is fantastic. It is my favorite steakhose in the city. It also makes sense to go since you have already been to BLT. I love their filet mignon and you should go just for the chocolate cake. Amazing. Their side dishes contain some unorthodox dishes, for a steakhouse, and I prefer the side dishes at BLT, but the overall atmosphere, location, service and food are terrific. You won't be disappointed. Good luck

      1. Both are great, so you're in good hands either way. Striphouse is a sexier room, I think the sides at BLT are better though. I'd do Strip if you haven't done it.