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Thoughts on Sage vs. Prezza (North End)?

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My husband and I are coming from Brooklyn to Boston to celebrate our anniversary in the North End, where we got engaged many years ago. I did some searches on Chowhound, Zagats, etc., and narrowed it down to two choices: Sage and Prezza. Anyone care to comment on theses places, i.e., which one is better? Any special dishes to order? Thanks in advance, 'hounds!

P.S. Our dinner will be on a Tuesday, so the crowdedness factor at Sage might be lessened.

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  1. IMHO, this is a no-brainer. It's Sage by a fairly wide margin. Not to put down Prezza, because the food there is very good, but Sage borders on genius at times.

    1. Oh, you also asked for recommended dishes. Well, Chef Susi is an expert with rabbit. He has a gnocchi with morel mushrooms entree that incredible, and a crispy rabbit with saffron risotto that's hard to resist. Another entree I enjoy is his braised short ribs. My fav appetizers include his sweetbreads (not for everyone, I know, but I love 'em), the lobster poached in butter, and the soft shell crabs when they're available.

      1. Sorry to be a content hog, but forgot to mention that the gnocchi with morels also has pulled rabbit in it. Kind of an important ingredient for a rabbit dish.:)

        1. If you are planning your visit for Aug 15 or 22, it is Restaurant week(s) in Boston. If you pick Sage, they are taking part and will be extremely busy. I don't think that I would find that to be so romantic.

          1. If you want a more "happening" scene and a spacious room, Prezza woud be the choice (that menu looks so good to me). Pick Sage if you want a cosier atmosphere. Food is good at both IMHO. But as someone said, Sage is part of Rest. Week if you're talking Aug. 15 or 22 and likely booked.

            1. I like them both a lot. Sage strikes me as more creative, personal. Prezza is a glam kind of somewhat creative Italian with a strong chophouse streak, big on beautiful cuts of red meat expertly grilled. Sage is quieter, more intimate, has a shorter wine list. Prezza is jazzier, modern looking, louder, with a full bar serving good cocktails and a longer wine list. I think I'd lean toward Sage for a romantic celebration.

              1. I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually find Prezza's atmosphere more romantic. I love the food at Sage, but the place is so cramped that everyone can overhear your conversation and you can't ignore theirs. Prezza's size and noise level allows you to hold hands, really talk, whatever, and go pretty much unnoticed. So in a way I find Prezza's anonymity more conducive to to that "just the 2 of us" feeling.

                The food is also excellent but as others have commented, not as original.

                Congratulations on your anniversary and your long marriage.

                1. Tony Susi at Sage and Anthony Caturano at Prezza both work hard and are working chef/owners preparing innovative Italian fare and both deserve a visit from you.
                  Sage has a bit more of a North End feel where Prezza feels more like NY in the North End. Both restaurants are prime reasons to visit the North End for dinner.
                  Prezza has a more extensive wine list.