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Aug 4, 2006 02:11 PM

8 people for dinner on Sat. - Gonzo, Otto or ???

I am trying to find a good downtown restaurant for a large group. There are 8 of us, but there might be two more joining. Are there any hidden gems I'm not thinking about?

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  1. I recently had a dinner with a large group at Crispo. They have a semi private room, it may be called the Majestic. It may be too late to reserve it but it is worth the effort. I love Gonzo and Otto as well but I am not sure how they would accomodate such a large group, especially Gonzo which is pretty tight. Da Andrea has a few large round tables and Bianca, although small, has at least 1 table that could accomodate a larger group. There are larger well know places that I am not mentioning only because you said "hidden gems".

    1. I'm a Gonzo fan and I've been there with a group of 8. We were quite comfortable at a large round table. The only problem was that each member of the party was rather far from the people across the table. Since Gonzo is a rather noisy room, it was hard to hear each other.

      A party of 8 is great, though, for splitting a variety of Gonzo's grilled pizzas.

      1. I know this is only one experience, and I hate it when people do this, but I had the only inedible meal of my life at Gonzo. Not just disappointing, or even tastless, but truly bad. Just one data point, I realize, but take it as you will.

        I like Otto though.