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Aug 4, 2006 02:03 PM

Leg of Lamb

I'm trying to find a restaurant that serves lamb, other than chops. Particularly looking for an excellent roasted leg of lamb, like the kind they make in Spain or Greece. Any good ideas, I hope theres a place in the city but any good recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. Casablanca in Alexandria can serve you a lamb meshoui (roasted half lamb), but you have to order it ahead of time. I would guess other Moroccan places would also be able to do this for you. There is a picture of it in their photo gallery:

    Restaurant Week is coming up and Corduroy will most likely have their incredible lamb sirloin available with a small upcharge.

    1. The Greek Taverna in McLean does excellent lamb. As does the Greek Grill in Vienna, though the Taverna is a cut above.