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Aug 4, 2006 01:21 PM

Pacific Time Miami Spice - Report

Don't go. The food was mediocre to bad (although the alternate dessert selection they had was quite good). Service was good though, but it was nowhere near offsetting the bad quality of the food.

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  1. lax2mia>

    I have to say the quality overall at Pacific Time has slooooowly rolled down hill. Please keep us posted if you try more Spice Month menus.


    1. Wow....what a shame! It was on my short list of Spice joints to savour this Summer...oh well that just means the short list just got shorter.

      I did Spice at OLA on Ocean last night. It was good. Lots of food. The crackling pork dish was decent as was the Plantain crusted Mahi with that unbeleivable shreaded oxtail beneath. I did not get their version of Vaca Frita, which happens to be one of my all time favorite Cuban dishes and actually the only other entree offered. Service and ambiance were also solid.

      What did you eat? I was actually surprised to see Pac Time on the list! I think the joints that do not showcase their signature dishes during this culinary celebration are making a big mistake...this may be their only opporunity to lock in a customer for life!

      Let's try to utilize this post as the Spice thread for all reviews and in 60 days we should have quite the compilation...


      1. It's just a matter of personal taste. I have never ever had a bad meal at Pacific Time, during spice or not. Yet I have never had a great meal at OLA. Too many flavors on the same plate.

        Try Restaurant Brana in Coral Gables. Just opened 2 weeks ago and is a keeper. You'll never get in during season. It is truly wonderful.

        1. Ditto to jagir1----Pacific Time is still my top choice in Miami. Visits at Spice or regular menus always result in excellent choices, fine meals and professional service all around. We've been regulars at PT for 14 years and think it is still far and away the best there is. We've had one "spice meal" two lunches and two dinners in the last three weeks and, as always everything was nothing but the best.

          For breakfast , easy lunches, quick dinners` try Balins--one block west on Lincoln Road.

          1. jaqir1 and bne1922, next time you're at Pacific Time let me know. I'll snatch the table next to you and hopefully feed off of your good restaurant karma. I've alway really wanted to like PT but it's never been great. To each his own I guess.

            jaqir1 - Brana was that good? It's next to my dry cleaner and I can't get the memory out of my head that I had one of the worst crepes of my life in the restaurant that used to occupy the Brana space. I'm sure things are much different now.