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Aug 4, 2006 01:13 PM

Small Glass Covered Cook/Bakeware

I lost the cover to one of my small Pyrex pieces.

I was looking to replace the entire piece but there seems to be nothing comperable out there - especially with Pyrex who now thoughtfully includes plastic covers for all their smaller pieces.

Whatever happened to "From freezer to oven"? I know... "From freezer to microwave." Well that just won't cut it.

The only option seems eBay but my one experience there was awful and I'd rather just buy it if at all possible. The piece is square but I'll go round if I have to. Any clues? Thanks.

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  1. I went to my first ever flea market a couple of weeks ago. There was A LOT of assorted kitchen ware. Maybe that's your answer. At least you can see what you're getting.

    Or maybe yard/garage sales.

    1. yes, yaya's right, most of my pyrex casseroles are from yard/estate sales, 1-2 bucks. When I cruise through thrift stores like St.Vincent dePaul I usually see an odd assortment of glass lids. Re-use is the best way to re-cycle. have fun

      1. How about Anchor Hocking? I find that they work just as well as Pyrex. Here's a link to a small covered dish: