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Aug 4, 2006 01:02 PM

Smith Street - Brooklyn

Moving into the neighborhood Saturday and wanted to take the parents out to a nice meal to thank them for helping me move. I'll be near Smith and Douglass. I would prefer somewhere that takes reservations and that would cost around 25-30/person before drinks.


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    1. Saul is great, but entrees there start at $25 and go up to about $30. So, if you plan on having apps., dessert or anything else, you're going over your limit. I think the Grocery may be a little cheaper and is very good, but not sure about a reservation for Saturday. If you have a car and want to travel a short distance 360 in Red Hook would be great and they offer a 3 course $25 prix fixe meal which is very good.

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        You will NOT get a Grocery reservation for Saturday unless there is a cancellation. They are typically booked months in advance. Call Chestnut. 360 good too but needs a car.

      2. I have always had lovely meals at Chestnut. It is less expensive than Saul though Saul is great.

        1. I also like Chestnut, though that will still push your budget as will most of the better places on Smith, but that still leaves lots of good choices. A few options include:
          -Chance, French/Chinese with a modern decor. The looks of the place may put you off (industrial modern), but they do a good job on the food. Not everything on the menu is a winner but most items are solid. I especially like their dimsum menu.

          -Ki Sushi, brand new sushi place. I haven't been yet (all my sushi expenditures go to Taro) but my friend just tried the $25 omakase and she says it's pretty good. She's in the wholesale fish business so she knows her fish.
          -Downtown Atlantic, casual/family comfort food. Over on Atlantic but if you want a casual place that does basic American well, this is a good choice.

          -Savoia, upscale pizza and Italian eats. Good solid Italian with especially good pizza in the European style.
          -Caserta Vecchia, homestyle Italian. Family owned and run red sauce. Nice homey atmosphere.

          1. I like the 360 idea. A car service should not cost you more than 10-12 dollars r/t.