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Smith Street - Brooklyn

Moving into the neighborhood Saturday and wanted to take the parents out to a nice meal to thank them for helping me move. I'll be near Smith and Douglass. I would prefer somewhere that takes reservations and that would cost around 25-30/person before drinks.


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    1. Saul is great, but entrees there start at $25 and go up to about $30. So, if you plan on having apps., dessert or anything else, you're going over your limit. I think the Grocery may be a little cheaper and is very good, but not sure about a reservation for Saturday. If you have a car and want to travel a short distance 360 in Red Hook would be great and they offer a 3 course $25 prix fixe meal which is very good.

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        You will NOT get a Grocery reservation for Saturday unless there is a cancellation. They are typically booked months in advance. Call Chestnut. 360 good too but needs a car.

      2. I have always had lovely meals at Chestnut. It is less expensive than Saul though Saul is great.

        1. I also like Chestnut, though that will still push your budget as will most of the better places on Smith, but that still leaves lots of good choices. A few options include:
          -Chance, French/Chinese with a modern decor. The looks of the place may put you off (industrial modern), but they do a good job on the food. Not everything on the menu is a winner but most items are solid. I especially like their dimsum menu.
          -Ki Sushi, brand new sushi place. I haven't been yet (all my sushi expenditures go to Taro) but my friend just tried the $25 omakase and she says it's pretty good. She's in the wholesale fish business so she knows her fish.
          -Downtown Atlantic, casual/family comfort food. Over on Atlantic but if you want a casual place that does basic American well, this is a good choice.
          -Savoia, upscale pizza and Italian eats. Good solid Italian with especially good pizza in the European style.
          -Caserta Vecchia, homestyle Italian. Family owned and run red sauce. Nice homey atmosphere.

          1. I like the 360 idea. A car service should not cost you more than 10-12 dollars r/t.

            1. Since you are new to the 'hood - A word to the wise, many restaurants in the neighborhood are cash only and do not accept credit cards, so make sure to bring enough cash to dinner or call the restaurant and ask if they take credit cards.

              1. I think Downtown Atlantic might be a good choice. The food is really well prepared and the menu presents a good variety of options, plus it's relatively close to the Smith Street strip.
                If you want to stick to Smith Street, I also think Patois and Chestnut are solid choices. I also recently had a good meal at bar Tabac. The mussels were perfect, and my friend ordered the salmon. Overall, casual but def a local favorite.
                If you want to head over to Court Street, Frankie's 457 is awesome...food, ambiance, wine...the whole 9 yards (IMO).
                360 is a hike, I imagine you want to stick to the area since your post was titled "Smith Street".

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                  Second Frankies 457! We had a very good, and reasonable priced meal there a few months back. Service was great as well despite earlier comments indicating otherwise.

                  And the house wine is a steal!

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                    I love Frankies but they don't take reservations.

                    Since you're working on a budget it might help to look at actual menus -

                    Downtown Atlantic


                2. Because you are taking your parents I would definitely go with Chestnut. Great food, quiet enough for good conversation, excellent service. I have heard good things about 360 but it would definitely require some more effort.

                  1. If your parents are adventurous eaters, Taku (Japenese "fusion") might be a nice option in your price range.


                    1. Does Chestnut take reservations? If so, do you think I could get something for tomorrow around 6?

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                          I'm assuming that you read the menu that Bob provided the link for and that you're okay with the prices at Chestnut. Since I've come to the realization that, when most new Smith Streeters talk about taking their parents out, they're talking about my peer group, let me second Chestnut as our favorite place. Of course, their $25 "anything on the menu" (except 2 entrees) 3 course pre fixe on Tues/Wed is the way to go, a full price dinner on Sat is going to be appreciated. Get the haystack shrimp or the softshell crab taco app., the pork loin entree & the ice cream for dessert.

                          Other choices on Smith would be Patois (but this is very hit or miss on food and service... can be very good) & Provence en Boite, which I seem to like more than several others here. All 3 places are within a block of one another.

                          Depending on what your parents (and you) are like, Coco Roco has very nice drinks, some good fish and a nice indoor/outdoor dining choice for less $$. It's not excellent, but more than fine. Again, I may not be in the majority here.

                      1. I like Robin des Bois (195 Smith off bet. Warren & Baltic) & Bar Tabac (on Smith & Dean) are two good choices. Both are moderately priced, have a nice atmosphere and are good for brunch, lunch or dinner. Casa Rosa (384 Smith & Carroll) is an old school “red sauce” Italian restaurant, if that’s what you’re in the mood for, and I think it’s parent-worthy. Either of the above should meet your criteria.

                        1. Casting my votes for Chestnut and Taku.

                          1. I should also add that I took my parents to Chestnut and they looooooooved it.