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Aug 4, 2006 12:56 PM

Found replacement for TJ's spicy bell pepper relish

Trader Joe's carried for awhile a sweet-hot relish made with bell peppers for which we acquired an addiction. Awhile back it vanished from their inventory, as items are wont to do if they aren't top sellers or if TJ's agreement with the supplier terminates. (And this was after I'd asked in the store if I should buy a case and was told no worries, we sell a ton of the stuff.) Ever since then I've been searching for a replacement.

Last night I found it at Cost Plus, and I assume it's available elsewhere. It is made by Mezzetta, and is called Deli-Style Zesty Bell Pepper Relish. Actually this is the spicier of two versions that they had; this one contains jalapenos and the other one doesn't. On an initial tasting when I got it home last night it was very similar to the one TJ's carried, but "mas picante" -- those jalapenos give it quite a nice zing. According to the label it's made in the Napa Valley and the web site is .

We used the TJ's version to top simple grilled chicken breast or pork chops, as a relish on hamburgers, hot dogs or sausages, and my husband loves it as an addition to tuna salad.

Now we feel almost totally fulfilled again. Life is safe (although we're going to buy a case in the event that it might disappear again).

Sarah C

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  1. I can't find the product you mention on the Mezzetta website, but it sounds like a Bulgarian appetizer called lutenitza (can be made with tomatoes or peppers). You can find the pepper version (called Peppetizer) in international stores and in the regular markets here in SoCal. I am addicted to it!

    It's made by Zergut

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      Is that what Peppetizer is? I've seen it at our local middle eastern market and wondered what exactly to make of it.

      Also, Harry and David makes a mean pepper and onion relish. And by "mean" I mean "good and sweet." It tastes awesome in tuna salad!

    2. Thank you so much! I've been missing that TJ's relish all year. Just went to and ordered a whole case of it!

      1. The original comment has been removed