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Aug 4, 2006 12:56 PM

kombucha in Boston?

Does anyone know of a place that makes and sells or serves kombucha (the fermented tea)in Greater Boston? They sell it bottled at Whole Foods but I want to find a place that actually makes it from start.

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  1. I actually met the guy that bottles the small bottles they sell at WF, the ones with the funky little eastern-looking label. Since they have to ferment for a few weeks in the bottle anyway, why not drink the bottled stuff? I'm in love with their ginger flavored one. But if you find any locally made, I'd love to know, too. The stuff is just amazing; a wonderful afternoon lift.

    1. I like the citrus kombucha at WF. The guy downstairs from me brews it himself, but that doesn't help now, does it? His stuff is good, even though the culture or whatever it is looks like a mini-jabba the hut.

      1. This is an old conversation about Kombucha but I wanted to check in. Has anyone found it served at a cafe anywhere around town?

        1. I heard that the Harvest Coop in Cambridge sells large jugs of kombucha made by some local guy.......but I haven't had the chance to check this out for myself yet. Can anyone confirm?

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            i'll give them a call and report back.