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Aug 4, 2006 12:13 PM

Looking for a good recipe for white sangria

Does anyone have a good recipe for white sangria? I love the Sangria Cava served at Columbia in Tampa and would like to duplicate it, or find a similar recipe with a champagne or sparkling wine base that's light, fruity, and refreshing. Any suggestions?

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  1. Laurie, you are in luck. Awhile back, we ate at the Columbia in St. Augustine and had a couple of pitchers of that wonderful white sangria between 4 of us. The waiter was kind enough to tell us what the ingredients were without the exact amounts, of course. Our friend, who is an incredible amatuer bartender played around and came up with this: Hope you like it!

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      omigosh, thank you so much! I wasn't able to access the recipe through the link you posted. . . .Could I trouble you to try posting it again? I hope to make it at home for guests this weekend. Thanks again, Kim!

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        The problem with the link is the period at the end (after the html). Here's the URL sans period:

    2. Here is a repost of a delicious and slightly different cava sangria from Jaleo restaurant in Washington, DC that you might enjoy trying. Liquor 43 is an herbal liqueur and it is worth trying it here.

      Jaleo's White Sangria

      - 500 cl. (2/3 of a regular bottle) of 'CAVA'
      sparkling wine from Spain, chilled
      - 2 oz. Liquor 43
      - 2 oz. Brandy
      - 2 oz. White Grape Juice
      - 400 cl. Ice
      - 2-3 Fresh Strawberries
      - 1/2 of a Fresh Peach
      - 3-4 White Grapes
      - 1 bunch of Fresh Mint

      Makes 1 Liter
      - Cut the fruit into bite-size pieces (or smaller)

      - Pour the ice into a 1-liter pitcher (or larger)

      - Slowly pour the chilled 'CAVA' down
      the inside of the pitcher and not directly over
      the ice; we want to keep the bubbles from
      fizzing away

      - Pour the Liquor 43, brandy and white grape
      juice into the pitcher

      - Add the fruit and mint and you are ready
      to go!

      1. Here's a White Peach Sangria recipe from chef Nick Badovinus at Fireside Pies, in Dallas, TX.

        It's simple, but very delicious.




        4 oz Chilled White Wine (Nick suggests Chardonnay, but most full, dry whites will do)
        4 oz Peach Nectar (Jumex or Looza)
        1/2 oz Brandy (El Presidente preferred)
        1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
        Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice to taste


        Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and serve with an orange, cherry, lemon, and lime.

          1. the secret weapon in white sangria that takes it to the next level is the MINT. some recipes have it, and some don't, but add fresh mint leaves. they can kinda get in the way when you're drinking it, but they add the perfect final touch and make it so refreshing.

            i'm also a big fan of using looza peach nectar and simple syrup.

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              Would that not overpower the peach flavor? I mean, I don't want it to taste like a mint julep.