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Pick your own fruits/Great farm stands in Dutchess county?

I'd like to take a drive this weekend up to Dutchess county and am wondering if people have recommendations on good places to visit; I know the NY Times had an article this past week on Columbia county (that's kind of what gave me the idea) but that's a bit farther than we feel like driving. Thanks in advance--

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  1. Keepsake Farms in Hopewell Junction is now known as Barton Orchards at Fishkill Farms. We go every year during the 1st week in September. Last year, we hit peach season and were literally eating them off the tree, they were so good. Here is the website: http://www.keepsakefarmmarket.com/

    We used to go to Masker Orchards in Warwick, NY too.

    In another direction, try Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT (about 1 1/2 hrs from Westchester). A beautiful place. http://www.lymanorchards.com/

    All have huge orchards and great farm stores (the Lyman store is biggest).

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      Thanks for the info on Barton Orchards; it looks promising. I admit to being somewhat confused by the website though. They list locations in Poughquag NY (Apple Tree Lane) and Hopewell Junction (Fishkill Farms road). I guess the place you're talking about is on Fishkill Farms road? Do they also have a farm stand as well as pick your own?

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        An note on Keepsake/Barton Orchards--
        Both had been leasing the farm from the family who has owned it for years and used to run it, who just took it back over recently. It is now simply "Fishkill Farms." The just reopened the store a few weeks ago, and when I went it had a ton of great-looking produce, local cheeses, pasture raised eggs and chickens (which you can see walking around the farm), and baked goods, including great cider donuts and probably the best homemade fruit tart I have ever tasted. There is also a porch overlooking the orchard and the mountains which I sat and ate on-- the view was incredible. They have a good selection of pick your own fruit-- I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who hasn't been.
        I don't think they have a website yet, but their number is (845) 897-4377-- the farm manager, Lisa, was extremely helpful and friendly.

    2. barton's in beekman is wonderful...bartonsorchard.com

      1. the original is 63 apple tree lane (county rte. 7)

        1. secor farms - wappingers falls. secorfarms.com is their website. my wife likes this place...

          wilklow orchards - highland (wilkloworchards.com)

          nyapplecountry.com has links to pick your owns...

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            Actually the website secorfarms.com get you to a flower farm in Mahwah, nj

          2. Greig Farm in Red Hook (northern Dutchess County) has blueberries now, or, at least they did last weekend. Beautiful farm, with simple operation--nothing commercial or cutesy. And the blueberries have been great. When we were there we were told they'd have blackberrries in 2-3 weeks, and raspberries in September.

            By the way, Warwick is in Orange County, not Dutchess.

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              Thanks for all the pointers. I think we'll have a fun time tomorrow. I had remembered Greig farm from a visit years ago and looked it up, but blueberries didn't thrill; maybe we'll see if they have blackberries next weekend when we are on our way back from the Berkshires-

            2. Fraleigh's rose hill farm, Red Hook, NY. Phone: 845-758-4215. This farm has been in the same family for over 200 years, Peter Fraleigh having purchased Rose Hill Farm in 1798. David and Karen Fraleigh are the sixth generation of their family run Rose Hill Farm. Open in the fall for apple picking, My boyfriend and I picked up an apple pie for ourselves when we were visiting my mother in Red Hook. We were so impressed we decided to bring a pie home for my boyfriends mom to try (she is a midwestern farm girl) the next time we were up that way . As apple season was over at that time, we were offered the last of the pies which incidently had been frozen, it had cooking instuctions on the box. My boyfriends mom said she has not had pie that good since she was a little girl living on her family farm. Overall the farm is beautiful, the family and staff were friendly and gracious. We will be returning next season for sure." They have the best apple pie you will ever eat. FYI, an episode of the Sopranos was shot there. (off Rt 9)

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                I should add, that there are a number of wonderful farms in Dutchess County that offer a variety of seasonal pick your own fruit, Greig being one of them ( they have an excellent gourmet store located on the farm, however for apple pie knowone beats Fraleigh's for apple pie.

              2. Mead farms in Tivoli http://www.meadorchards.com This weekend there is blueberry picking (and you may catch the last of the cherries as well).

                Oh, and if you'll be around on Sunday, the Rhinebeck farmers market is quite nice

                1. Looking to pick strawberries this weekend, any ideas in Dutchess?

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