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Aug 4, 2006 11:26 AM

Concord, NH - Capitol Center for Performing Arts

Going to the CCA for the first time this evening. Any chow worthy favorites near the CCA to grab dinner before the show?

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  1. The CCA is a wonderful place but the restaurant scene in Concord doesn't offer much beyond the standard chains.

    Two possibilities are:
    The Common Man (near exit 13 on I 93 just south of the CCA) and the small wine bar and restaurant, 55 Degree,at 55 Main Street about 1/3 mile north of the CCA.

    1. If you like Thai food, Siam Orchid at the other end of Main St (corner of North Main and Bridge across from the Holiday Inn) is very good. Barley House a few doors south of Siam Orchid isn't bad and offers great hummus and bread sticks before your meal. You'll have to get back in the car to drive to the theater since it's on South Main.
      If you just want a quick roast beef sandwich (very rare) with bbq sauce and a side of onion rings, Beefside on Manchester St. We get fried clams and scallops there, too. It's a family place and very casual.
      I keep meaning to try the Arizona and hope someone comments on it.

      1. Time ended up being an issue do to an accident on I93, we ended up at Common Man. The service was very good and friendly, they were very accomidating to our tight schedule. There were many customers in there that evening also attempting to get to the CCA by 8PM.

        I wouldn't say the food was outstanding, certainly not worthy of a roadtrip to try it again. However if I wanted a sure thing for your basic New England fare I would stop there again.

        We had the prime rib and the crab cakes meals. The prime rib was cooked perfectly and served with herb mashed spuds and a half ear of corn. The crab cakes were also cooked perfectly, a nice crust on the outside and cooked but still very moist on the inside. The crab cakes were a bit skimpy on the aioli, however the horseradish aioli was a perfect compliment to the crab cakes for my taste. Also served with a half ear of corn which was undercooked and rice pilaf. On a scale of 1-10 for quality, I'd give the food an 8. For originality, about a 2. The service was a solid 10.

        1. We had a tasty meal at Angelina's, an Italian restaurant downtown. They were very good about getting us served in time for our concert at CCA.

          1. Angelina's is great.

            If you love good Mexican, Hermano's is fabulous (lots of awards).

            I love Siam Orchid (they have one in Manchester too).