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I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can find a filipino restaurant that is open for late night dining or is open 24hours.

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  1. Good question. I don't know of any, and I've been looking for a while. I'm actually working on remedying that... stay tuned.

    1. I don't know if it qualifies as a "restaurant," but there is a Jollibee's on Beverly a little west of Vermont that's open pretty late. Haven't eaten there myself, but my girlfriend liked their hamburgers...

      1. Yeah, there's no such thing as a late-night Filipino restaurant. Most of the owners of such establishments prefer to play it safe and don't know the potential of the late-night market.

        Jollibee on Vermont and Beverly is one of the US franchises of the popular Philippine fast-food chain. They're not a traditional Filipino restaurant per se, but they do have some Filipino dishes like palabok, halo-halo (shaved ice desert) and Philippine-style spaghetti (if you've ever been to a Filipino party you know what I'm talking about). They're open until 11pm which is the latest any Filipno restaurant is open.

        1. My Mom's Bakeshop, Temple & Rampart

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            My understanding is that they are supposedly open 24 hours only Friday and Saturday nights. Is that correct? The thing is their facebook page says they are open from 6 AM to 9 PM everyday. Not sure which to believe?

            Added a place link with website + menu with prices.

            My Mom's Bake Shop
            2530 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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              I think they first opened it 6am-9pm, but then opened it 24/7 on the weekends. The last I heard, and confirmed from their recent ad on Asian Journal last week, that they opened it up 24/7 everyday except Sunday. Best bet is to just call the place and confirm.

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                Well, so far this seems like the only true "late night" option for those seeking Filipino food after hours...

          2. Hmm... in that vein, what about other strong Filipino places in that neighborhood, period? Any chowhounders who can offer suggestions there? B/c I'm hard pressed to find good stuff in LA proper at all.

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              kapistahan grill and salakot are ok. bahay kubo, manila good-ha, and dj bibingkahan are the best among the turo-turos. la rose cafe on vermont and fountain is good.

            2. It constantly boggles me why LA is so behind the curve on late night Pinoy dining where SF, NY and even Chicago and Honolulu are.not especially considering turo-turo style (of which I'm not usually a fan) is so late night friendly.

              Another potential Filipino (not late night) food option in LA proper is the soon-to-open The Park's Finest BBQ brick and mortar in HiFi. And while its food is more Los Angeles than Filipino cuisine, if its current menu carries over to the storefront, there will certainly be enough of the latter to satisfy those tastes.

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                LA County in general is far behind the curve for ANY late-night dining. After 27 years in Nashville, with some restaurants whose Late-Night menus don't even kick in until 10:00, I assumed that moving to this hub of the cultural universe would be even more of the same. Okay, so we have Canter's and Fred Whatsit and some taco trucks, but most of LA County has its sidewalks rolled up before 11:00, even on weekends. Disgraceful.

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                  It was one of the biggest surprises for me moving to LA after living in the Northeast and in Europe. In Boston, NYC, and London, it's unusual to find restaurants that close earlier than 10pm (unless they don't serve dinner). If you arrive at a restaurant before 8pm in Paris, you're considered part of the early-bird crowd.

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                    Well people tend to not live in Downtown and late night joints thrive on population density.

              2. Here is a picture of My Mom's ad.