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Aug 4, 2006 07:12 AM

What is the deal with The Tasty Chicken at Queen and Jones/Carlaw?

I pass this place all the time on my way to work near The Beach and see the sign saying dine-in and take-out. However, I never see anyone eating, all i see is people sitting with bottles of beer. Can someone tell me if this is a functioning restaurant???? I heard from someone that it used to turn out great chicken... in the 1970s!!! Care to enlighten me???

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  1. This is NOT,I repeat NOT anywhere you would ever consider eating, if It did indeed actually have any food. The restaurant and food part is just to get around the liquor laws. The neighborhood has been trying to get it closed down forever, but so far has been able to succeed. I realize it is one of the things that make our neighborhood diverse, but come on!!!!

    1. As I understand it from a friend who lives down the street, it's more The Tasty Boozecan.

      1. My friend lives right across the street on Heward.

        We refer to that dump as the NASTY Chicken. Good place to watch a fight breal out on a Saturday night

        1. So funny... we were just talking about this place on the weekend. A friend lives right up the street (on Boston) and refers to it as the 'Tasty Crack-en House'. Sketchy as sketchy can be.

          1. Well, i see all that but... can anyone tell me if it has at any time been a legitimate restaurant where food was actually sold and consumed, perhaps in the 1970s or 1980s?