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Aug 4, 2006 06:57 AM

Best Sushi in LA

Where am I to find the best in this crazy city? I would prefer to stay on the westside, but I will travel if it's worth it!! I prefer omakase (chef's usually know what is best!), but anything awesome will do! Thanks!

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  1. So far for me, the westside has turned out to be the best place to go for sushi (Mind, I haven't ventured out to Torrance yet). Sawtelle Blvd, where the 405 hits Santa Monica, features some of the best sushi in LA. Two (or three?) of the best rated sushi restaurants are right there. Hide is my favorite for great sushi at a reasonable price. Of all the upper class sushi places I've only been to Sasabune, which is no longer the little house on Sawtelle. Sasabune was absolutely excellent, no frills, incredible sushi. Seems like a lot of people around here like Urasawa which I have to try, maybe when I've got the money. Happy eating!

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      I have to totally disagree about is a recent thread on it:

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        Sasbune was pretty average...not worth the attitude. Nishimura (on Melrose east of San Vicente) is substantially better. If you're willing to travel, Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa (do a search on the Board) is incredible for traditional sushi from a master sushi chef who's apprentices include the owners of Nishimura, Katsu, Kawa-cho, and R-23.

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          i second shibucho.. it is the BEST

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            I'd recommend a pass on Nishimura. The sushi is good but the attitude is unbelievable. I went twice, dropped $300+ for two each time and they still managed to make me feel unwelcome.

            Go to Mori Sushi instead. The fish is just as good if not better (Mori's toro dusted Nishimura's_ and they don't forget the service part of the equation.

            I also second the pass on Sasabune.

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              Never expereinced any sort of attitude issues when dining @ Nishimura myself. Always been an excellent experience for me. Price, however, is another matter. $300 sounds about right for two for Omakase + a lot of premium sake.

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                The attitude at Nishimura isn't uncommon. J.Gold mentions it in his excellent take on LA sushi:


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              You are 100% right on the Nishimura...he is very well known to many sushi chefs (that speaks volumes).

          2. sushi zo on national in palms.

            1. Sushi Iki in Tarzana has the freshest and best sushi IMHO. The best bluefin toro and live hotategai (sea scallop) around. All of the shellfish is live - even the uni is live!

              18663 Ventura Bl., #106
              Tarzana, CA 91356

              1. Unless you are going to pay big money, the best sushi in town is at Sushi Gen on 2nd in Little Tokyo.

                Fresh fish, cut well, with a minimum of fuss. The squid with uni dish is one of the great plates in LA.

                1. If you want to stay on the Westside, get out your credit card with the most available and head to Mori Sushi at Pico & Gateway. Sit at the counter and listen to what Mori says and watch what he does with fish, wasabi and rice. If he says it's seasoned already, don't add anything. Omakase, OMG.

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                    Mori sushi is amazing...both for quality and price...worth every dollar, dinner for 2 with 1 drink each is well under $100