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Aug 4, 2006 06:37 AM

Andy Wai on the move again

Heard from a shy lurker that Andy Wai, former executive chef at Harbor Village in SF, has left Tai Wu/Mr. Fong's in Daly City. Maybe that explains the inconsistencies in my recent dinner there. Sorry to have missed his cooking and still on the hunt for his next "secret kitchen".

Dinner at Tai Wu/Mr. Fong's in Daly City

Gary's post on the cookbook -

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  1. Hmm ... I chatted with him two weeks ago at Tai Wu. Will report back if this is true.

    1. He has indeed left. The word is he bought an existing restaurant in San Mateo county and will take it over completely himself, the thought is that he will be executive chef and owner. When this will all fall into place is uncertain at the moment.