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Aug 4, 2006 05:51 AM

Grocery Stores & Food Markets in Las Vegas?

My wife and I are headed to Las Vegas for a few days. Are there any Chowhound food experiences in LV aside from restaurants? (I'm not ignoring restaurants, it's just that there's plenty on this list about them already.) Specifically, are there any interesting grocery stores or food markets in LV?

After perusing three different Chowhound threads from about a year ago, these things sound pretty sparse: it looks like there are few specialty food stores, the farmer's markets sound meager (owing to a lack of farms in Southern Nevada), though I did read about a couple of bakeries (Freed's and Layer's, I believe).

Has anything changed in the past year? Any other ideas?

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  1. Two recommendations.

    The International Food Market is located at Decatur Rd, just south of Tropicana. This place features thousands of SKUs from around the world with an emphasis on Asia.

    International Market
    5000 S Decatur Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89118-1515
    (702) 889-2888

    Also, the 99 Ranch Market on Spring Mountain Rd. in Chinatown is also worth a visit.

    1. Not sure if you're into it, but there's a British Grocer. Real British Cadbury Chocolate is great!

      British Foods, Inc.
      3375 S. Decatur Blvd. #11
      Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
      Phone: (702) 579-7777 / FAX: (702) 221-9595

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        I heartily agree that The International Marketplace is worth a trip. But, they do require a $10 yearly memebership to get the quoted prices they list. If you don't get a membership, you pay a 5% surcharge, i'm quite certain.

        The British Foodstore is fun, but expensive. Depending on what exactally your looking for, you -will- find it cheaper at the The International Marketplace, sometimes by 20-30%. Of course, the British Foods place has a neat selection of harder-to-find items like tea-cosies, more Cadbury chocolate to choose from, and very friendly, personal service.

        Go to both, they are within 3 miles of another.

        1. re: Honeychan

          Thank you everyone for these comments (and any others that might appear in the next few days before we travel). If we get a chance to visit any of these places I'll be certain to report on them when we return home.

      2. Hi,

        I posted in my last trip report (back in June) about how we discovered Cafe Heidelburg, 610 E. Sahara (in a little shopping center), just by driving by. We went there for lunch and enjoyed ourselves very much. We want to return for dinner on our next trip to Vegas. Anyway, they have a little shop there selling all sorts of German goodies, pickles, breads, sausages, candy, mixes for various things, it was fun to look around there and the people there are very nice. Have fun!

        1. Try SIENA DELI at 2250 East Tropicana. Tel. 702.8424. We've only been there once but we were so happy to discover this quaint little cafe/grocery that has tons of Italian foodstuff. The pizza is heavenly! At a friendly price too.

          I'm looking for European/Swiss/German Delis in Vegas--anyone know a place? I've been looking for some real European Cocoa in the more known supermarkets but to no avail. You see, the key to a GREAT chocolate cake is in the powder. And Belgian (or any European one for that matter) is the best! Help!

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            Try the Heidelburg Cafe for German, they're a restaurant and also a deli, very friendly people there as well, 610 E. Sahara.

            We found a very interesting Middle Eastern/Greek/Mediterranean food store called Habib's, which is in a shopping center on the corner of W. Sahara and Decatur, just jam-packed with all sorts of interesting items. (The shopping center also has a Shepler's, Joanns, Borders, etc.)

            Have fun!

          2. I see there's some recent activity on this thread, and originally I promised to report back on my food store experiences from when I was in Las Vegas. Although I didn't report back on this thread, I did report back on a new thread that can be found here: