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Aug 4, 2006 04:57 AM

Where can I find Austrian food/Austrian market in LA?

And I'm not talkin' Schatzi's.

Rockenwagner used to be good for some dishes (their summer stammtische especially)

But I have not found a market. Alpine village doesn't have all the stuff I'm looking for.

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  1. It would help to know what specifically you're looking for. I've seen some austrian specialties at the Van Nuys German Deli - some others at the mostlhy hungarian Otto's on clark in Burbank. Some cakes and stuff at B & L. There used to be a store that carried my favorite austrian confection, Ildefonso, but I think the distributors stopped carrying it

    ANyway, anything a bit more specific?

      1. re: SwissMiss

        Shoops has a decent selection of packaged goods and might have the cookies.

        You might try European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen for sausages and smoked meats:

        9109 W Olympic Blvd
        Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3507

      2. There's some Austrian specialities at Schreiner's Meats, on the corner of Ocean View and Verdugo in north Glendale, and you can go next door to Berolina (Swedish) Bakery where they have Austrian-style bread.

        1. Thanks! I am looking for sausages, bread (so hard to find good bread of this type), manner cookies, etc.

          And I would LOVE to find a place that sells liptauer and other heuriger standards.

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          1. re: OliveBelle

            I'd give them a call. They're a German deli but I know I've seen Männer cookies there, and their meat-and-sausage selection has to be seen to be believed. Berolina bake Austrian bread most days, but you can call Mrs Karlsson and ask ahead of time, or with a large enough need place an order in advance.

            1. re: OliveBelle

              Manners are easy, they have a reasonable selection at most Cost Plus World Markets.

            2. You could try Old World Village down in Huntington Beach...similar concept to Alpine Village in Torrance. I think they had a good sausage selection, but I really can't remember--haven't been there in a while. Manner is easy to find lots of places--I usually get it at Costplus World Market (locations in westwood, torrance, and I'm sure other spots). You might also try Bay Cities Deli in santa monica--they don't specialize in austrian food, but they have a nice selection of international food.