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Aug 4, 2006 04:26 AM

Tricky Italian Rec.

Im looking to take my girlfriend out for a great Italian experience. The only catch is that she isnt a pasta person and doesnt eat meat (confined to seafood/fish/veggies). Anyone have an idea? Just to give an idea, my favorite Italian is Babbo but I consider Babbo really a pasta place, I was never impressed with their secondi. Price point wise maybe 100ish before drinks. How is A Voce, does that fit the bill? Im thinking a place with good crudo would be an excellent start.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Your girlfriend sounds a bit like me - I rarely order pasta and never red meat/poultry.

    I actually adore Babbo - either the 2 minute calamari or whole branzino. Also - Il Cantinori, Maurizio Trattoria, L'Impero, Felidia and of course Esca is very seafood orientated. But most places have a few seafood options (although I find Il Buco very difficult because of their limited entree selection.)

    Haven't been to A Voce yet but their online menu looks a bit limited from a seafood angle - serving only the usual salmon (which gets very boring as it's every restaurant's "staple" fish) and black sea bass which is also overused.

    1. How about Esca? Actually, is she stuck on having Italian or are you? Because I don't necessarily think of a great Italian experience as being sans pasta and meat. Maybe Greek would be nice if you want to be seafood-oriented and Mediterranean. Just a though.

      1. I haven't been to A Voce since soon after it opened, but the bass I ordered was the low point of the meal.

        1. the orchard and peasant both have really great fish and poultry dishes, as well as pizzas and flatbreads.

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            So does Apizz. Had an excellent risotto "paella" a couple of weeks ago.

          2. Le Zie has some very good seafood dishes and is always consistent. Bianca also has some great seafood dishes and has a nice romantic feel to it. Both are well within budget.

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