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Aug 4, 2006 04:16 AM

Dinner in Carmel [moved from SF Bay board]

Looking for a great place for dinner in Carmel that will leave me with memories (good ones)

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  1. I recommend L'Auberge Carmel for a super fine dining experience. Plan on at least 2-3 hours of multi-course beautifully presented and cooked food. Owner David Fink and Chef Walter Manzke also head up Bouchee restaurant on Mission in Carmel. Another good one. Some locals and most tourists like Casanova restaurant in dowtown Carmel for a quite "romantic" evening but the two already mentioned restaurants blow Casanova away.

    1. I like Roys at Spanish Bay. The food is great, and they have great fire pits outside to enjoy a drink before and after dinner, over looking the ocean.