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Aug 4, 2006 03:48 AM

San Antonio Winery & Restaurant

A potential client of mine highly recommended this place. He said it was in Downtown L.A. He said it was quite the diamond in the rough. I had no idea that there was a winery in downtown L.A.

Is it worth a visit and how is the restaurant?

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  1. To answer your questions briefly: No and bad.

    1. I'd say it's a zircon in the rough. It's a place where coworkers take folks they are not especially attached to for group birthday or going away lunches. It's decidedly mediocre but no one will get food poisoning and it's cheap. It's not like any winery I've ever been to. Seems more like a place where they push their own brand, Madelena.

      1. We recently went to a tasting of Central Coast wines featuring several pretty well-known wineries (Justin, Adelaida, Brander) and a few that were new to me. One was called San Simeon - odd that we've spent a lot of time in that area and had never heard of this one. Turns out it's a label from Riboli which owns San Antonio winery among others. The grapes are from SLO and Monterey county, but sad to say, the wines were very uninteresting. Not out-and-out bad, just nothing memorable about anything we tasted (a Viognier and a Pinot Noir).

        1. Two words about this place: Tourist Trap.

          1. Agreed... the Restaurant is NOTHING special (and not all that cheap considering Little Tokyo is not that far away!) but the Wine Shop, I do enjoy. They have lots of great stuff there! :)