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Aug 4, 2006 03:09 AM

Good, inexpensive eats in Provincetown

[moved from Boston]

Hi all. Two of my friends and I are taking the ferry to Provincetown for the day on Sunday. We are trying to think of a good place to get dinner, however, we don't want to pay ridiculous prices. We're even happy w/ getting takeout and eating somewhere nice outside. Just wondering if any of you fellow Chowhounders might know of some good ideas for us.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Townsend Lobster is great. It's on the next wharf over from where the ferry comes in. The Townsend family have run the Provincetown Marina for years, have their own lobster traps, and really know their seafood....very casual, BYO

      1. I second that recommendation.

        Thanks "9lives" I tried to remember the name for another request earlier this month and had to end up describing the place and where it is instead of linking to it.

        I also recommend the high quality take out at Angel Foods on the East End (467 Commercial Street) if you are up to walking that far. It is not cheap but it is a good value.

        Does anyone know how the P-Town Farmers' Market is doing this year? I think it is now on Saturday on the pier.

        1. Hi there.

          My wife and I went to Napi's about 14 years ago but I can still remember the meal my wife and I had and the name of the waiter and there wasn't a single thing that I could criticize. We spent 2 weeks on the cape and this meal is one of the most memorable of our trip.


          1. The farmers Market on the pier is no more. Apparently a produce seller from Barnstable was going to take the market organizer to court for only allowing growers close to Provincetown to sell at the market. Rather than take on the court hastle, the organizers decided to close the market.