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Aug 4, 2006 03:02 AM

Early Sunday breakfast - West Village

Looking for someplace to grab a bite early Sunday morning - before 8 a.m. - in the West Village. The closer to Hudson and Christopher the better. I've thought of Florent and I see there are a couple of diners nearby, but I don't know if they're good, bad or indifferent. I'll eat anything from eggs to steak to kimchi. Can anyone please enlighten me?

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  1. not exactly west village but pastis and sascha (which i dont normally like but both do a nice breakfast)are both blue ribbon bakery open for breakfast?....The truffle, asparagus, egg toast at'ino is one of New Yorks great delights

    1. Try Ditch Plains... they open @ 6am

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      1. re: kesues

        Actually, Ditch Plains opens at 7, but yes, that's an option.

        'Ino and Blue Ribbon Bakery won't be open that early.

      2. Very close to there is a new cafe called Cafe Condesa. It's intimate and they have a very nice breakfast.

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          C Condesa - opens at 8. The friendliest service. (10th st just W.
          of 7th.)

        2. French Roast on 6th has a good breakfast..and they claim to be open all night.