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Aug 4, 2006 02:18 AM

Looking for recs. for the best bread cookbook

I was at the bookstore looking through "The Bread Bible" by Rose Levy Berenbaum. It's gorgeous and made me want a good cookbook that focuses on bread. Is this the one to get? If not, which would you recommmend for the novice bread baker?


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  1. Yes, "The Bread Bible" is a great bread book, for beginner and advanced bakers alike. I also like "the Secrets of Jesuit Bread Baking" by Brother Rick Curry. It has some easy recipes, and lots of good stories.

    1. I have that book and it is great. Also, I always tell bread making beginners to really look into the hows and whys of bread making such as why you knead, how it rises etc. I find when you understand that you will have a better knowledge and confidence to experiment.


      1. The Village Baker by Joe Ortiz.

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          This is my favorite book too, but I'm not sure if it's good for novice bakers. I also like Peter Reinhart's The Breadbaker's Apprentice a lot.

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            I like BBA, but I don't think it's a good choice for a novice baker.

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              I agree that Ortiz' book is for people who are already accomplished. But it isn't clear to me where the OP is with this.

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                I'm a pretty decent cook but rarely bake. I've made some decent baguettes using Julia Child's recipe but that's about it for me and bread. I want to make decent rustic loaves, ciabattas, sour dough loaves, etc.

          2. amy's bread, by amy scherber (of amy's bread in nyc). clear, detailed, but not at all too complex--lots of different types of recipes, and the use of the autolyse process to aid the kneading and development of the dough. a great, great book.

            1. When I saw the headline in the post, I was going to recommend Bread Bible, by Berenbaum. Then I read your message, and that was what you were asking about anyways... so, anyhow, I think it is a great book for the folks just starting out.

              Once you've gotten the hang of it and want to step up to a new level, I'd recommend Nancy Silverton's La Brea breads book, which is all about naturally leavened (sourdough) breads. But The Bread Bible is a better book for those starting out (and also experienced bakers too... lots of stuff in there).

              - adam