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Aug 4, 2006 01:32 AM

Gene's Po Boys in Austin is Great!

Went there today. Got the smothered pork chop special. $7.95 A Huge pork chop in great brown gravy over rice. Lots of meat-gooey and tender and gooood. Candied yams and collard greens and a square piece of corn bread. So good. Ordered two chicken breasts, the young man taking our order had to ask the passing through the room "Uncle Gene" how much that was and he looked up and said 3.85+1.00, 4.85. I guess they cooked them to order because it was 15 or 20 minutes (saw lots of other plate lunches come right away) and oooh oooh was it worth the wait. We're from Arkansas and everybody can cook a drop dead fried chicken but this was as good as anything I've ever tasted. Deep fried I guess real crispy and real brown and just singing with spices. Came with hot fries and Texas toast. Friend had a shrimp po boy. $7.95 Now those of us that love New Orleans are real hesitant to certify anything as first class in a po boy but this was as good as anything I've ever had. Small shrimp cooked just right. Not many of them though--told the lady at the register that they must sell it with extra shrimp. She said yes and when we asked said 1.50 extra. Told her I'd get a double extra shrimp one next time I was there and she laughed. Can't wait for Tuesday's jambalaya and fried chicken wings w potato salad and green beans. Plenty or parking behind and all over at 1209 East 11th Street Run don't walk you'll thank me!

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  1. I've had great food at Gene's too and recommend it highly. Stay away from the roast beef poboy if you're looking for a taste of New Orleans. The roast beef tasted like deli sliced beef. That was a disappointment to me. The cheeseburger poboy, on the other hand, is delicious.

    1. After a hearty exhortation from (the seemingly ubiquitous) MPH plus the one from BTAustin above, I finally got over to Gene's today for lunch. Oh glorious smothered pork chops, thy meaty tenderness breaded, pan fried, drowned in gravy with rice, collards greens, and sweet potatoes. D*****mn, it was good. Simple, tasty, satisfying. Go if you haven't been. Go - Go - GO!

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        Go for a half dozen fried chicken wings with good fries and garlic bread.Three ninety five is the tariff.The quality varies according to who is cooking...if you're lucky the beefy young cat from New Orleans is on the range....I believe his name is Richard.

      2. Hi Kent. Glad you revived this thread because I do love Gene's. We did have the jambalaya and it is just fantastic, lots of seafood and chicken and sausage and spicy and just great. The wings weren't as good as the fried chicken we had before but they were real good. Green beans were kind of canned but still a great lunch overall--they do it on Tuesdays. We didn't like the chicken fried chicken much, it didn't have the flavor of the fried chicken and parts of it had dried out. It came with the not so good green beans too--we weren't impressed. So Thursdays for the smothered chop from heaven and Tuesdays for the jambalaya from a better place than that and anytime for a po boy, get the extra shrimp. I always have an opinion : )

        1. Thanks for the heads up on the smothered pork chops. We had them last night and they were outstanding. The meat was tender but not mushy, and very flavorful. No knife needed. The brown gravy was excellent. Collards were smoky and just slightly vinegary -- excellent.

          In fact, everything we had was great. Our french fry po boy had the absolute perfect ratio of lettuce, mayo, tomato & fries.

          DH loved the sweet potatoes and that's saying something, because he usually dislikes sugary sweet potatoes. These were not cloying -- sweet with a citrusy note. Even the sweet tea was good.

          Fabulous meal -- can't wait to go back. :)

          1. "Can't wait for Tuesday's jambalaya and fried chicken wings w potato salad and green beans. "

            Oh my god! That is the best plate lunch special, ever. My co-worker drags me there at least once a month for that plate of goodness.

            Really good Jambalaya with sausage and it's a nice dark brown. The chicken wings are fried perfectly, and the potato salad and greens beans are just lagniappe.