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Aug 4, 2006 01:04 AM

Best Mole in San Diego (besides S. Cocina)

I am looking for the best of the best, any variation in Greater SD(especially mole negro though).

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  1. Hi kare_raisu,

    I know it is not quite in San Diego but Casa de Mole in Colonia Libertad, Tijuana is superb.

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    1. re: Captain Jack

      Ate there yesterday. Definitely worth checking out but I'm not sure I'd say it is superb. However, the selection of moles makes it worth checking out. The waiter could see us scratching out heads trying to decide, so he brought out a plate with about 6 different moles along with some tortilla chips. I got the ranchero mole and my GF got the cilantro cream mole. Lunch for two plus two margaritas (which were amazing, btw), tax and tip was $30.

      1. re: mangiatore

        can you describe the flavoring of the ranchero?

        Maybe a report on restaurant? Is it a pick protein, pick sauce place a la thai restaurant?

        1. re: kare_raisu

          Sure, let me whip together a little report (guess I'll put it on the Mexico board).

    2. Check out El Agave -

      They definitely have mole. This board also has a love/hate relationship with El Agave. Some people love it and some people love to hate it.

      El Agave also offers tasting flights of single village mezcals. Once you've tried these babies you'll never go back to regular old tequila.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        Would the love/hate relationship resemble something like "love the food/hate the 'tude"??

        1. re: sdnativa

          Maybe, maybe not on the 'tude. Perhaps because what El Agave does is a bit out there at times, I've seen some people push their plate away, barely able to eat their choice. Twice when I've been there, I've ended up swapping entres with people - and in both cases we BOTH ended up happier. :)

          1. re: sdnativa

            Don't know that it's so much the attitude as it is both food and service can be uneven at times.

            I also think RB Hound makes a good point, mole can be an acquired taste. It gets a lot of very positive, reverent-like press here NOB, but it's not for everyone. I've traveled extensively in Mexico, made mole on multiple occasions in Oaxaca with big name chefs, but I have to say, other than Chichilo and Manchamanteles, I don't just LOVE mole and it would not be the first thing I'd order off of any Mexican menu.

            I don't think the attitude is nearly as bad as at Extraordinary Desserts.

          2. re: DiningDiva

            There are no more tasting flights of single village mezcals. And the one shot I tasted cost 20 bucks.

          3. Old Town Mexican Cafe has good mole, but it is a little messy.

            1. Definitely casa del Mole in TJ. I never liked mole until I tried it here.

              1. C'mon people, mole is serious business. El Agave is maybe OK on its best days and Old Town Mexican is just too rasty for any Hound to ever mention except as a place NOT to go, their mole probably comes from a jar. But if you think that these are "good" then, then I guarantee you will love the several real moles at Chilango's.