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Aug 4, 2006 12:59 AM

Is My LC Dutch Oven Ruined?

My Le Creuset Dutch oven has hard caked on black burnt stuff that I cannot get off, even with cleanser. Does anyone have any recommendations for removing this? I've scrubbed as hard as I can, used a spoon to try to scrape it off, and nothing. Will it flake into food with subsequent usage?

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  1. Oh, the horror!! Have you tried that dryer sheet solution that was posted here a couple of weeks ago? I can't recall the details (so please search for them before you try this), but I think that someone saved some sort of pan by soaking it with a dryer sheet.

    Good luck!!

    1. Try this. Half fill the pot with water (or at least enough to cover the stain), and add a good squirt of dishwashing liquid. Simmer for fifteen minutes uncovered. This loosens up all kinds of impossible crud.

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        I do this only I don't simmer, I boil it furiously while I watch the water level like a hawk.

        I also wonder if adding some denture cleaner to cool water might not digest or do whatever that stuff does to food on dentures. I use that stuff all the time for awful calcification on the insides of vases.

      2. Oven cleaner will do a good job on that crud without damaging the finish.

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        1. re: FlyFish

          Absolutely oven cleaner. It has cleaned off burned on grease making the LC look like new and burned on cheese in a LC fondue pot. Spray it well and close in a plastic bag if you have one that it fits in and rinse clean in the AM after letting it sit over night.

        2. Thanks y'all. I will try the boiling method first. I have a self cleaning oven so I don't have any cleaner on hand. Will let you know what works.

          1. Try SoftScrub liquid cleanser. I've never had anything on my Le Creuset that hasn't come off when I've used this stuff. It even takes off the paper label that is sometimes incredibly difficult to remove from LC cookware. I just squeeze some onto a Dobie scrubbing sponge and scrub -- everything just comes off.