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Aug 4, 2006 12:22 AM

Lime-Basil Sorbet Report............(w/PHOTO)

I made the Lime-Basil Sorbet (Photo below).

It may not be as pretty as the Orange-Basil Sorbet from my last report, but I really like the lime version.

The lime flavor jumps out, then a refreshing blast of Sweet Genovese basil follows. It would be a perfect palate cleanse between courses.

Note: I would not use a basil with a strong anise scent, the Sweet Genovese is perfect here--very little anise flavor in this varietal.

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  1. It may not be as 'colorful', but it looks beautiful to me.

    1. Looks delicious! Is there a recipe to accompany the photo?

      1. Every now and then I make a rosemary and lemon sorbet from LaVarenne Practique. It occurs in the spice section of the book rather than desserts. Making it is straight forward - lemon and lemon peal are steeped in half the syrup, and rosemary springs in the other half. I use an immersion blender to stir it during freezing.

        An aunt thought it would work better with basil, but I think rosemary does very well in this application.