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Aug 4, 2006 12:06 AM

Do you have a favorite brand of pretzels?

Do tell ...

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  1. Well, Bachman's twists are still a delightful textural pleasure, with a real twisted thin pretzel.

    Martin's are the ur pretzels of the moment, IIRC; very nice.

    And I love Utz rods and special darks.

    1. I'm partial to Newman's Organic pretzel rounds. They're unsalted, super crunchy with just the right thickness. It just feels good to be eating a pretzel made from good, organic ingredients. It's also good for the soul to support Newman's extensive charitable efforts. I also dig their pepper flavor rounds.

      But honestly, I think the best, most authentic pretzels around can only be bought in PA, probably due to the German heritage. In Philadelphia, many grocery stores stock a full range of gorgeous pretzels. I can't recall the brand names specifically, but the selection is usually phenomenal. Handmade pretzels (similar to the Martin's brand that Karl S mentioned) ranging from your standard level of doneness to super dark and extra crunchy, with or without bits of kosher salt. Gotta hop a train to Philly to get a fix one of these days!

      1. If you live in New York, definitely try the Pretzel Man at the Union Square Farmers Market. I know they have a website but I can't remember it at the moment. They are very fresh and are available salted or unsalted. My boyfriend loves them so much that he buys them by the case.

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        1. re: wild child

          She/he (being politically correct) means .... Martin's.


          Hard pretzels. Salted and unsalted. Very nice.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            Oh baby, i love martin's pretzels. If you ever happen through the Union Sq greenmarket, pick up a bag of these.

            1. re: MVNYC

              You don't have to wait; you can order them online:


          2. re: wild child

            I concur about the Pretzel Man in NYC. Other than that I had a very good soft pretzel at this pretzel shack in St Louis near the Bud plant. I forgot the name.

          3. Snyder's and anything with Pennsylvania Dutch printed on it.

            1. I'm partial to pretzel logs, the long ones that come in a box with a celophane cover.