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Aug 3, 2006 11:26 PM

Palm Springs ???

Johannes is closed for the summer. I'm spending a week there. What else might be open and good. I'm not expecting anything as good as Johannes.

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  1. Johannes being closed in August, the only good alternative is ZIN downtown. They offer 50% off their wine list Sunday thru Thursday.

    1. Defiantly try ZIN, not the same as Johannes but you might find it a good surprise. I always leave happy. (You might even see Johannes himself!) The only other places open in town are tourist traps.
      If you want to drive to Palm Desert you might try Cuistot or Blend.

      1. Zin was very good as was St James. Spencers not as good as I remember for the $, but not awful either. Las Casuelas not as good as I remember and slow, slow, slower than slow.

        Aji Cuisine was very good last night. Billed as Asian inspired tapa, the chef/owner and one waitress had their hands full with even a few tables last night, but everything was excellent. Tuna ceviche with cilantro and ginger, pork briquettes, lump crab meat stuffed cherry tomatoes, batatas with fire sauce and a number of other delicious plates. Very reasonable.

        Krua Thai is also very good. Not over sugared like many Asian styles tend to be in the US. A tiny place that seats perhaps 30 with friendly efficient service.

        1. We ended up at Zin four times. The fish tartar was awesome, as was the rabbit, a couple of different fishes, beets, mussels, the gazpacho and almost everything we had here. Outstanding dessert was the chevre cheese cake with balsamic infused berries and cremefraiche, though the creme brulle was no slouch; nor the tarte tatin, the choc mouse cake and tiramisu. Knowledgeable and great staff. Small, comfortable and well lit.

          We also stumbled on Crazy Coyote Taco off the I-10 at the Cabazon outlet shops.
          Excellent roadside Mexican for cheap. Fab giant fish or chicken tacos, $6. Horchata was also delicious. Wish I had a place like this near us on the other coast.