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Aug 3, 2006 11:00 PM

Hawaiian Food/Caterer

I'm looking for a Hawaiian Caterer in the Long Beach area... does anyone have any suggestions? It's for aprox. 30 people.

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  1. prob the best of the chains (but mediocre in comparison to mom & pop places like bruddhas), give L&L a shout. i don't think they deliver but they will have the food ready for pickup.

    my sister ordered from L&L for her bridal shower (@ 40 people)and it was inexpensive and they had the food ready for pick up on time.

    1. ONO Grill provides catering service along with their great Hawaiian food. They will generally go all over LA/OC area so long beach shouldn't be a problem.

      ONO Grill
      1975 Potrero Grande Dr Ste A
      Monterey Park, CA 91755-7429
      (626) 573-3803

      1. I know there's an L&L Drive-In in Long Beach although I'm not sure where. I don't know if they deliver. But I go there whenever I get homesick.

        1. I don't have any suggestions in this area, but wanted to let you know that there is a big Polynesian fest in Long Beach this weekend. It's probably just the place to ask around and find a good specialty caterer. Good luck!

          1. I always use The Loft in Cerritos for parties. I like the food here better than L&L. It's not too far from certain parts of Long Beach. Off Del Amo Blvd from the 605. This location I heard is better than the others.