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Perigee questions

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DH and I are heading to Perigee for our first time and I'm so excited!!

In regards to the wine pairings...first off, do you recommend it and second, approximately how many ounces do you receive per glass?

Also, both of us have fairly healthy appetites and I was wondering about the quantity of food served with the 5,7 and 9 course meals. We don't want to leave hungry as has happened to us with other set menu restaurants.

Thank you all in advance.

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  1. If you have never done wine pairings, then I say go for it! I tried it last time I went and was really blown away by how amazing it was to experience how incredibly a wine could compliment food...not sure of the ounce value, but each glass felt like a hefty portion (in fact, I was pretty loopy by the time I left)

    My hubby has a very healthy appetite and he left Perigee feeling more than satisfied on a 5 course meal....I felt positively stuffed...you do get a few other little treats throughout the meal and the food is quite rich, so I think 5 is perfect - if you have any doubt then go for 7 (lord, I can hardly imagine doing 9!)

    Enjoy, it's a great dining/learning experience

    1. I just ate there 2 weeks ago - I did the 7 course with wine pairing. I felt full but I didn;t feel like rolling out of the restaurant...

      I think the wine pairings are brillant. They spend time finding the right wine with your course and it really enhances the experience.

      if you have extensive wine knowledge, you can select off their extensive list. But it sure it a treat to pair. I think the pairing is abt 2 oz.

      1. Their options are actually 5, 6 or 7 courses (though they are coming out with a double-digit course "grand tour" type of menu soon, if not already). The 5-course meal actually turns out to be 8 courses, as they add an amuse, an intermezzo and a "pre-dessert". The 6-course meal adds a cheese course. The 7-course adds a cheese course and another game or fish course.

        My husband and I have always left comfortably full or stuffed after the 5-course dinner, so I don't think you'll have to worry. And yes, I would heartily recommend the wine pairings as they add a great deal to the meal. Each pour is 2 - 3 oz.

        Enjoy your evening and please report back on your experience!

        1. What is the cost of the wine pairings for the 5/6/7 course options?

          1. I have a tradition with some friends that once a year we go out for a meal where price is no object. Of Susur, Avalon, Canoe and Perigee, most of us thought Perigee was the most fun, partly because the sommelier was so nice! The wine pourings seemed pretty generous, and he was willing to chat at some length about the wine, happy to indulge our curiosity without ever making us feel overwhelmed or dumb. We had the seven-course meal and were stuffed absolutely full. It cost about $200 per person (there were four of us) with all food, wine, taxes and fairly generous tipping. And the food was lovely too.

            1. When I was there recenty, the server noted that the amount of food between the 5, 6, and 7 course meals is pretty well the same. He noted that the 6 and 7 course meals are a little rich than the 5. This being said, we ordered the 5. More than enough food, and the GF and I can both pack it away pretty good. By my count there were at least 9 (maybe 10) courses including the amuse, canapes, intermezzo, and pre-dessert. Quite a few courses when you are expecting 5!

              WRT the wine parings.... I haven't done it at Perigee, but did at Susur. It was way more wine than needed for the 2 of us. We actually cut it off 3/4 of the way through (good thing, as the wine was more than the food, and considering the vision was starting to blur!).

              Enjoy.... I love Perigee!

              1. The honey and I ate at Perigee recently and had the 6 course with wine parings. I'm a sturdy, young thing so I can hoover and drink with the best of them, and I left feeling full but not stuffed, and not more than pleasantly relaxed after the wine. We did take a cab down so that we could both indulge in the wine tasting. The final tab $500ish I think, a.k.a The Most Expensive Meal We've Had, but it was really good.
                ...'though I still think that my all-time favourite meal was having Trust the Chef at the kitchen bar at Jov before it changed hands...that was bang for your buck, and also, cute chef...

                1. I've been to Perigee twice. I found that the first experience was the best of the two, but I guess in all things, the first time is usually the most memorable.
                  I was really impressed with the first dinner, and so brought high expectations with me the second time around, and wasn't as blown away. However, it's always been very good.
                  That said, I recall overhearing one of the cooks say to some other guests that the 5-course was the best value, in his opinion. I don't know for sure, but the course size may be scaled down a bit if you go for the more extensive course options. Probably about the same amount of food, just more diversity.
                  Hope that helps. Have a great time.