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Aug 3, 2006 10:42 PM

Cheap but delicious Portuguese takeout?

As a new poster I apologize if I'm duplicating an earlier string; I tried unsuccessfully to find one exactly like it.

My husband the bike courier has just discovered Portuguese food and he's in love: pork and beans, soups, chicken... you name it. He so far recommends two places (described below) but would like to hear about other quick-service spots he can run in and out of while on the job in the downtown vicinity. (He's started carrying tupperware in his bag!)

The ones he likes so far are:

-A home-cooking restaurant at the northeast corner of Dundas and Brock

-The back of the grocery store at the southeast corner of Dundas and Dovercourt. It's self-serve, and he loves their daily soups.

Many thanks!

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  1. It's in Mississauga (Dundas and Hwy 10), but Mario's BBQ makes an awesome espitada (Steak skewer) as well as roasted chicken. Really nicely priced too.

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      Mario's is really good, so is Bairrada on Hwy 10 / Kirwin in Mississauga(next to the lcbo and beer stores), and they also have two downtown locations (College/Havelock and St Claire W/Runnymede).

    2. What about Churrasco's Chicken on St. Clair west of Bathurst (south side)? It's classic.

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        Love, love, love Churrasco's. I prefer the grilled chicken over the bbqed (yes, there's a difference) and don't forget to get their potatoes.

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          I agree, I'm usually in for the grilled - the rice and chicken soup is also good....don't forget the sauce!

      2. I'd love to know of good Portuguese in the core. I've taken to bringing my bacalhau and croquettes to work.

        1. I love my local one: Sardinha O Rei Dos Frangos, 942 Bloor W., at Delaware, between Ossington and Dovercourt.

          1. There is a newish Portuguese place at 2188 Eglinton W., just east of Caledonia. Not exactly downtown, but...
            It's called Lavrador BBQ--I asked about the name, which evidently means "farmer" in Portuguese. There is the usual chicken, both bbq and rotisserie, as well as the familiar roasted potatoes, but the chicken isn't served with the usual hot (piri-piri?) sauce, unless you ask. It's well seasoned before grilling and has a great flavour.
            I was most impressed by the personal touches at Lavrador. The vegetable of the day was collard greens prepared with black-eyed peas, garlic etc. It was very tasty and fresh. The woman who served my take-out order (lots of eat-in space, too) was quite proud of the focus on healthy eating. She even let me try the special 'doughnut' which was featured that day. It was made with carrot--as healthy as a doughnut could be.
            I've only been once, but I look forward to returning.