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Aug 3, 2006 10:31 PM

Roy's Downtown

3 colleagues and I met with our former boss for lunch at Roy's Downtown today. Very nice space at the corner of 8th and Fig, $10 parking across the street.

We were seated immediately at a sort of odd oval table near the bar. Initial service was a bit slow, which was fine, since we were all chatting anyway. Bread/butter and drinks -- tasty warm rolls (but I didn't get a second one after I swallowed the first). Three of us decided to go for the $25 prix fixe special. I chose the clam and corn chowder for my appetizer -- this was more a thinner chowder, but there were good sized pieces of clam and corn it. The hearts of palm caesar was also quite tasty -- it wasn't really a caesar at all, but more of a lettuce salad with a miso vinaigrette and some thin slices of papaya. The version ordered as an appetizer was much larger and came with some sort of pot stickers on the side.

Main course was a choice of three, and I had the roasted macademia nut crusted yellowtail in a lobster butter sauce. This was a very good piece of fresh, cooked to moist fish that I could not entirely put away. Dessert was three little banana cream puffs that were heavenly, with a mini carmelized banana sliced lengthwise on the size. This last kept me thinking that Curious George was going to sling himself down from the high ceiling and snatch it, but I ate it first.

They have a really good looking wine by the glass menu, with choices I would have trouble deciding among (Au Bon Climat Chard? or Trimbach Pinot Blanc?)had I been imbibing.

I thought the prix fixe was a good deal for lunch, and I'm glad to see a new addition to the downtown eating options.

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  1. Yes, I like Roy's too. Their bento box has 2 of my favorite things there--the butterfish and the tuna poke.

    1. LOVE the Tuna Poke! I've been there many times and no matter how crowded or crazy, I've always had top notch food and great service. I never hesitate to send folks there. For a semi-chain, Roy's does it right.

      1. The butterfish is one of the best cooked fishes that I have ever had!!

        1. We had the prixe fixe special along with several other appetizers and entrees at the Woodland Hills location a few weeks ago. Favorites were the shortribs and butterfish. The sushi appetizers were all very fresh and delicious as well.