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Aug 3, 2006 10:29 PM

Sushi Hiroba :-) Nice Suprise!

I Had lunch today (and yesterday) at Sushi Hiroba on Vine street (at Melrose) in Hollywood. I was there twice because I wanted to see how consistent they were.....

For months and months now this restaurant has been under construction. It used to be this dingy Old Italian place.... The Hiroba group came in added a second story for private parties, and completely gutted and redesigned the place. Their sign indicates Locations in London, Paris, Seoul and now Hollywood.

With locations in these high-end cities you assume they must have some experience and success....and know how to cater to a discerning crowd, and from what we experienced they are on the right track again.....

So with my high expectations of success from all these cities it is then very surprising when you walk in to see one of those conveyor belt systems rotating around the sushi bar...Our first thought was uh-oh! Cheap mass produced Cafeteria sushi! YUCK! We were very WRONG! The quality and creativity of the food on the conveyor belt is very high . When you sit down you notice a little nice picture of different color plates with prices under them,...thus as you choose a white plate with a spicy tuna roll on it you know it is $4.00...etc....
As much as the belt contains some very interesting and TASTY specials and regular sushi, The sushi chefs are very willing and ready to serve you to order.

The quality of the fish is outstanding. I had a Spanish mackerel sashimi plate that was melt in your mouth fresh. The same with their Tuna and albacore. The uni sushi was absolutely excellent and very fresh. The first day we also ordered some things from the menu which were also very good but not inexpensive. The staff is very friendly and anxious to please. Hand rolls were large and full.

Soooo don't be discouraged or frightened away by the idea of conveyor belt sushi... (I mean we almost walked out when we saw it) I know in LA in means cheap sushi, but at Hiroba IT means something else A GOOD MEAL!

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  1. Thanks for feedback. I've been waiting for the place to open and hear some noise about it!

    1. Anyone else try this? I'm not "against" conveyor sushi, but it sure seems to deaden the personality of places. No contact with the chefs, etc.

      1. Actually the chefs are quite personable and read to make whatever you like.... the conveyor carries regular stuff and a number of specials......I was there the other day and it looked ike word was spreading

        1. Went last Friday. Not really my kind of sushi, lots of sauces that I never had a sushi bar before. The server explained to me that it was Korean style. I'm used to eel sauce and ponzu and not some type of onion dressing on salmon, kind of a cole slaw dressing.

          1. went on a Saturday night and was happy parking was easy, but we should have taken it as a sign... i'm sure many people have only gone once. Hate to start gripping about the small things but they do add up to an overall experience. Green tea (brewed tea bags?) is not free and miso is overpriced. We had to remind the waitress that we ordered beers twice which was a little puzzling since it was not busy at all. Rolls were really tiny and in my opinion barely a step up from supermarket sushi. the chefs were very nice though and gave us a beautiful garnished little fruit salad for free.