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Aug 3, 2006 10:28 PM

Putnam CT

Any reports on 85 Main in Putnam CT. Heard it was very good. Any hounds tried it??

Thanks for any info

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  1. I've been there a number of times and the food is fantastic. The menu gets shuffled around a bit every few months and changes with the seasons and ingredient availability. The chef/owner, James, does well with local produce and the quality of the raw bar is top notch. Entrees run in the mid-20's but in my opinion every dish is worth it.

    Upscale food in an unpretentious atmosphere. The service isn't always the best and there are no beers on tap. The wine list is adequate with a nice selection.

    Recommendations: If you see Ahi Poke and you like sushi, order it. Avoid the ceviche.

    1. Anyone hear of the new place that just opened I'd guess.....maybe 10 miles west of there? Called Still River Cafe, I just saw it on the Projo food notes section. There's a website ( and the menu looks good - about time in that culinary wasteland. A few wineries in the area - could be a nice daytrip put all together.

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        I drove down from Boston to try it Columbus Day weekend. The traffic was a bear but worth it. Better than almost anything I've had in Boston and a gorgeous location and restaurant. The gardens are stunning and the food was top notch. I would highly recommend (just not on a holiday weekend!)

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          FYI: The Still River Cafe just received a really nice review in the Hartford Courant:

          The review is very much like my experience there -- terrific. We are heading down again next weekend.

          1. re: TGibbons

            I have GOT to make a point to get to this place! The friend mostly likely to want to join me for a nice meal had a baby last year. We take the little one a lot of places together, but when a website specifically states "we do not have a children's menu".....well, you don't have to hit me over the head.

        2. WONDERFUL! If my friend can find a babysitter for Saturday, we're doing the wine trail - add in that lunch and it sounds just about perfect.

          1. I swear by 85 Main, personally. Awesome raw bar and a decent bottled beer selection.

            They change the menu too often IMO and removed one of the best items, the steak sandwich.

            1. Interesting.....I know they posted a lunch menu at one point. Now just dinner Fri/Sat and Sunday brunch?