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anyone been to St. Lucia ?

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Going to St. Lucia in October, so can anyone recommend some great eating facilities?

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  1. I'm going next year - so if you end up finding some good places...please post!

    1. We were in St Lucia in July. The best restaurant is definately at Ladera. Very interesting food. Also good is Mango Tree. The biggest problem with St Lucia is that it is very long, north to south and the taxi rides are outragiously expensive. We stayed at Jalousie Plantation in the south and these were both not too far away and very good

      1. Just returned from Saint Lucia (Nov 06) and here are some recommendations. DO NOT eat at the Anse Chastenat. The food is lousy. The shrimp cocktail was canned baby shrimp served in russian dressing... no joke.... The chef seems to have checked out completely. Maybe they'll have someone new managing the menu at the soon to open swanky Jade Mountain Resort restaurant. A meal at Discovery Mountain was quite good - the chef formerly of The Fat Duck in London.The food at Ladera is fantastic. Wish I'd had more there. It was the best food I had in Saint Lucia.

        1. try some of the local places-wander around and check them out-I ate at a bar where the lovely proprietress prepared a divine fish soup for me and my friend while we waited and drank a local fruit juice-lovely and easy on the pocket

          1. I can't think of any restaurants, but they have very good bananas that they grow all over the island. You will probably see 3 or 4 banana plantations going from the airport to your hotel.

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              when purchasing bnanas in St. Lucia order them by the "hand" like a local.

            2. We love the Coal Pot near Castries. Also the food at Windjammer Landing is very good. In past years we've gone to a local restaurant on the road to Windjammer - Laurel's - we've enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there in the past, however the last time friends of ours went there Laurel was too stoned to cook.
              The local Jump-ups are supposed to be a blast, kind of a friday night street party/fish fry. Somehow in several visits to St. Lucia we've never made it to one! Maybe this fall. I would ask at your hotel where the best one is at the time of your visit.