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Decent neighborhood bar in the Westwood?

It doesn't have to be Cheers, "where everybody knows your name," but an unpretentious joint with draft beer, halfway decent food and the Dodgers on TV would really be a find. Any recommendations?

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  1. Unfortunately your right in that the three phrases:

    1) an unpretentious joint with draft beer.
    2) halfway decent food.
    3) the Dodgers on TV.

    Really don't all apply to the same spot, 2 out of 3 is easy.

    The Dodger game starts at 4:00.

    Even though I refuse to go there, Maloney's, has over 20 TVs many of which are plasma, and enough beer on-tap selections, but the food?

    1000 Gayley Ave (at the SE corner with Weyburn)

    Suggestion - Eat somewhere else fast first, then maybe a few fries (how bad can they screw that up?) with the beer if needed.

    1. westwood brew co is decent for the village.

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        although i rarely venture into the village (kinda funny because i live @1 mile from UCLA), i prefer brewco over maloneys cause to me, its brighter, lighter and cleaner.

      2. On the east side of Westwood Blvd. a little south of Santa Monica Blvd. is Philly West. They have sports on TV, a very good (and reasonably priced) philly cheesesteak, but I'm not sure which beers they have on tap. I've found both service and folks sitting next to me to be very friendly. Parking in back, or you can usually get away with parking in the strip mall to the north during nonpeak hours. Oh, be aware that they usually put some tomato sauce on the cheesesteak, but I've always been asked if I want it or not.

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          Great. I've been told of this joint. I didn't realize there was parking out back.

        2. philly west is a terrific joint, with a very slight charles bukowski feel to it, that is compared to other westwood joints.

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            Now that's an endorsement! Thanks very much.

          2. A bit upscale, but the bar at The Gardens actually seems to fit the bill. I stumbled across a group of guys who were joking that they are like "cheers". A baseball game was on and they were drinking it up. They have a great turkey burger and I believe beer on tap.

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              It's not bad -- but it's first and foremost a restaurant. It distracts from the serious barflys.

            2. Thanks everyone. I dropped into Philly West about 6 last night and it was exactly what I was looking for: draft beer, decent cheesesteak hoagies, slightky scuzzy atmosphere and bartender, sports on four TVs and, to make the picture perfect, a drunk on the corner stool. Unfortunately, perhaps because the hour, the drunk and I were the only patrons, so the conversation was a bit limited. I somehow expected Quentin Taratino to walk in.