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Aug 3, 2006 09:54 PM

HELP! I need a new and fun Japanese restaurant for a birthday dinner next Friday

hey everyone -

i have a friend and it is her birthday next weekend. i promised to take her out next friday for japanese. i want to take her somewhere nice with a fun atmosphere and exciting food.

i am trying to find a place she hasn't been to yet which is difficult considering that she has eaten at almost every nice japanese restaurant in the city including nobu, morimoto, matsuri, and jewel bako. i suggested momofoku but she turned it down since she felt the weather was too hot to eat their noodles.

does anyone have any suggestions? has there been any new, worthy japanese or asian restaurants that opened within the past month or two?

the other catch is i am supposed to take her out for dinner next friday. so the place can't be so popular that i can't get a dinner reservation.

any help appreciated!

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