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Recipes Websites

Do you use the web for recipes? What are your favorite sites? If you don't, why not?

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  1. I've gotten wonderful recipe from Alton Brown via FoodNetwork. Epicurious, of course, is great so you don't have to type out the recipes from Gourmet & Bon Appetit. King Arthur Flour has some truly excellent bread recipes. When I wanted to try olive oil ice cream and knew I'd spend a lot of time searching for a store selling it, I went online and got a recipe muy pronto. Then there are favorite food bloggers whose recipes are interesting and sometimes memorable.

    All this is to say, I get lots of valued recipes from the net.

    1. If you Google what you are looking for (i.e. beef stew, whatever) you'll be amazed at the number of recipes that will be there. And with the other sites mentioned (Epicurious and Food and Wine plus FoodTV) there's almost no reason to take a cooking magazine anymore.

      1. I on the vastness of the Web for food recipes/ideas.
        If I didn't like the feel of a magazine so much, and simply thumbing through it, I wouldn't subscribe anymore. The Web has made my recipe collecting days pretty much over. Unless I find something really stellar, I'm unlikely to save the recipe.

          1. I'm digging http://www.allrecipes.com, It syncs a "recipe of the day" to my Palm Pilot every morning, and more often than not I cut and paste it into my recipe file.

            Also, I feel like I can never go wrong with recipes from a few chefs on http://www.foodnetwork.com, Paula Dean and Alton Brown often have recipes that are spot on.

            what i cook ------> http://dcinsideout.blogspot.com/icook

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                thanks. I just checked out www.recipesource.com and found some pretty exotic dishes.

              2. I like http://www.bbonline.com/recipe/index....
                it offers a variety of recipes from bed & breakfasts all over, and notes which one it's from

                allrecipes.com is nice because you can read multiple comments on each.

                  1. epicurious.com and allrecipes.com

                    1. Here are a few good links:

                      For Italian bread and entree recipes

                      This one calls itself "The only recipe search engine you'll ever need"

                      Excellent grilling recipe site

                      Alaskan seafood recipes

                      Chinese recipes

                      Huge international recipe database

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                          1. i love www.allrecipes.com and www.epicurious.com but now there are so many more I can look up


                            1. I send people trying to make candy for the first time, here:

                              I like this for baking, try the raspberry cream cheese muffins!

                              And the "pick of the month" section on Kraft

                              1. I highly recommend


                                Unlike other recipe websites, I have never had a "bad" recipe from Ms. Martha.

                                  1. For Italian and Italian-American (The Flounder a la Louie is excellent and easy)
                                    For Polish
                                    For Chilean
                                    For Old school New England-Italian Seafood from a Rhode Island Restaurant that a young Emeril worked at well before he hit big
                                    (Venus di Milo
                                    This guy has some interesting stuff from the Mediterranean

                                    I dont want to bore you guys any longer... I have a few more but I'll see if these are of interest to anyone before I go further.

                                    1. Here are some more good recipe websites:

                                      Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project -- Michigan State University has digitized 75 historic American cookbooks and made them available to the public via this website -- fascinating reading AND many good recipes. I really like "Aunt Babette's" Cook Book: Foreign and Domestic Receipts for the Household: A Valuable Collection of Receipts and Hints for the Housewife, Many of Which Are Not to be Found Elsewhere.

                                      Ashbury's Aubergines -- lots and lots of eggplant recipes

                                      North Dakota State University Germans from Russia Heritage Collection Recipes

                                      BakingCookies.com -- a huge archive of cookie recipes

                                      foodie view -- excellent recipe search engine -- over 600,000 recipes

                                      RecipeDelights.com -- incredible Indian recipe website

                                      Joyofbaking.com -- A wonderful baking website -- lots of nice pictures

                                      Cooking For Engineers -- a very interesting website with excellent recipes (and photo-illustrated step by step recipes) for the analytical cook

                                      Chuckwagon Diner -- nice website for those interested in all sorts of outdoor cooking

                                      The Splendid Table -- Lynne Rossetto Kasper's fantastic radio show has a great website full of recipes, technique, features, and advice

                                      Have fun!!

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                                      1. Hi,

                                        My favorite site is www.recipezaar.com. It's easy to search by ingredient and the recipes are all peer-reviewed, with comments.

                                        1. I second http://www.foodieview.com/index.jsp as it draws from several websites. Use "category: " in the search to help narrow things down, e.g. "category: mexican shrimp" will find all Mexican recipes with shrimp (also can click on the quick links on the righthand side to accomplish the same thing).

                                          1. cooksillustrated.com, but it costs $$$

                                            and this one is really neat - http://www.of2minds.org/spice/archive... (this has some interesting delights)