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Aug 3, 2006 09:14 PM

Bayville, Oyster Bay and Nearby Areas

Visting Bayville in the next couple of weeks and hoping for some recommendations on where to eat in the area -- a 30 to 45 minute drive time is no problem. Places plain and fancy are fine -- we're doing a couple of "grown-up" fancy dinners, and plenty of informal family eating while we're there. Just about any style is fine too, save for sushi. Especially interested in a good seafood place, whether a fine dining spot or a clam shack.


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    1. Unfortunately, this area is not exactly a culinary advice would be to drive east to Huntington, which is about 15 mins. away and there are many good restaurants. Kura Barn for Japanese (they have cooked food too, not just sushi), Meditteranean Snack Bar for greek, Finnegans's is my choice for a burger and similiar. It's been there since the 30's at least and is a local landmark for anyone from the area. It's a good spot. Rock Fish at Finley's is good for fish, can be a bit pricey, but that's how it goes with fish. They have outside seating which is nice.

      If you must stay in the Bayville/OB area, I'd recommend Fiddlehead's in Oyster Bay. Some fish, some southern-style dishes. They also have a very good brunch.

      DO NOT bother w/ the clam bar, just on your left over the Bayville Bridge, it's extremely overpriced and nothing special and you basically sit in the parking lot.

      Same goes for Canterbury Ale's OB location (IMHO). Very overpriced, mediocre food. Don't know why it's always packed.

      Wall's Wharf is decent, pricey too, but at least you can sit right on the Sound.

      Crescent Beach Club is a must for drinks, but don't bother with the food. The best water view on LI.

      There is also Barney's Corner in Locust Valley. I've never been, but have always heard it's very good. Your hosts will probably know of it. It's very low key, Locust Valley crowd, etc.

      I personally didn't think 18 Bay deserved their "Excellent" rating in the Times. It's good, but not outstanding. I am in the minority on that thought however.

      Enjoy! Do visit Centre Island beach, it's one of the better Sound beaches.

      1. If you're getting over to Locust Valley - Heirloom!

        1. There is a Turkish place in Glen Cove (not too far away) called Wild Fig that can be quite enjoyable if you go in with the right attitude. By that I mean that the usual mezze and kebabs are competently made but not stellar. However, it is a great place to get a freshly made thin crust lahmajun or pide (I like the spinach myself). Combine that with some of their mezze and Turkish wine and it is a very satisfying meal.

          Other entrees that I have had success with have been the skirt steak and the moussaka (they do an interesting take on the dish that is very light, utilizing mandoline-sliced eggplant and zucchini.)