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Aug 3, 2006 09:07 PM

Dim Sum on Linden Place, Flushing

I have passed this tremendous palace like building on the right hand side of Linden Place going toward Northern Blvd. I did not notice a sign but someone told me it was a banquet hall that also served excellent Dim Sum. I have never seen it on the boards and I am wondering if this is true. Can anyone verify and give name, address and any opinions on same.

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  1. Someone has pulled your leg. That building which was restored a few years ago is the Flushing Town Hall and Historical Society.
    NO dim sum. You can however go there for Jazz, and other musical events. They may rent for banquets, honestly dont know. I have been going there since before the restoration.

    Not too far away you can get dim sum at East Restaurant on Main St. near Maple. Also there is a big place on 39th Avenue between Prince and College Point Blvd and from there you can look into Shea Stadium. Enjoy!

    1. The dim sum is okay @ Linden Place. Its more expensive than Gum Fong in Flushing. I think the pricing has to do with the fact that their renovation is over the top tacky. A lot of european themes that has no coherency.

      The address is 34-20 Linden Place. The restaurant looks like a warehouse and its on a stretch of the block that has a bunch of auto repair shops.

      Their website is

      1. The decor is tacky and material used is cheap. The dim sum is decent but nothing special. We go there for the convenience and there's never a wait. The garage on the ground level saves us time from looking for parking. The place is usually half empty probably because of the odd location and the so-so food. If you're in a pinch it's a good place to go. We were able to remain dry couple times using their garage while it's pouring outside.

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          1. Decor is Tacky? What is so Tacky about the Decor? Linden Place is one of the best decored Chinese Resturants in NYC. Name a place the looks better then linden place. And it was not cheap. they have great service there. it is convient and cozy. Big chairs and big tables. eatingpal... What are u compairing linden place to?

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              I attended a wedding at Linden Place, in Flushing, NY. The place was terrific, I am surprised to see negatives about decor, it is Asian decor and just great. I spent 2 years in China, this is what a real Chinese Restaurant should look like!