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Aug 3, 2006 09:06 PM

Knife Kit or Roll in the GTA

I'm going for a road trip down to the NJ shore for a family visit and find myself needing a decent knife kit or roll so I can take my collection of Global and German kives with me. Last time I was there and cooked dinner it was impossible to find a decent knife, so this time I thought I would take mine with me.

Anybody know of a place that sells these retail? Preferable in the West End...

Thanks Hounders

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  1. I don't have an answer to your question, but I just want to make sure you have looked into the regulations that I'm sure the super-vigilant US border people have about transporting knives across the border. Sorry if you have already... I just don't want you to have to face any more grief than necessary at the border.

    1. nikolaou restaurant equipment, queen east of bathurst

      1. Either Lee Valley Tools or Princess Auto on Dixie in Miss. for "tool wraps."

        1. I'd have suggested Nikolaau (mentioned above, 416-504-6411) or Dinetz (231 King E. 416-368-8657). Both cater to professional chefs and kitchens. My husband used to cook professionally and he's especially fond of Dinetz, but I can't really tell the difference. There's a similat place (or used to be) on the south side of College just west of Bathurst.

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            The difference is not so much in the kitchen equipment for sale but in the attitude of the staff. Dinetz caters to professionals and George Brown culinary arts students; nonprofessionals who "walk in off the street" are treated with a certain disdain. Nikolau also caters to professionals and the resto biz but welcomes, and has fun with, "amateurs". They'll discuss things with you, ask what you want to do and suggest a model or piece of equipment more in line with your skills, your ambitions, etc. You'll never get that at Dinetz. The cost is no different tho.

          2. Nella Cutlery has rolls for sure. Nella is a restaurant supply store open to the public. They have 2 locations: Queen east of Parliament and one up on Norfinch (Finch West and Hwy 400). Their sister company, Nella Cucina, is geared to the home cook and may have knife rolls too. It's on Bathurst north of Bloor.

            If you only need to transport a knife or two, then maybe getting a plastic blade sheath for each knife is all you need. Just place the sheathed knives in a small plastic tool or tackle box. All the places mentioned by me and the other posters will have these too.